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I've just finished building a Bolger designed Light Dory and was wondering if there are any rowing clubs or groups here in the Jersey shore area. I've read of active rowing clubs in the New England area (in MAIB) but don't think I've ever seen any mentioned outside of that region. I don't think I'm really interested in racing, although I'd be willing to give it a try. I guess I'd just like to hook up with some other folks in my area to compare notes and go row for a few hours on the weekend. Does anyone out there know of such a group in my area? Thanks, Jake Millar

-- jake millar (, March 23, 2000


Dear Jake,

There must be an active Traditional Small Boat Craft (TSCA) chapter near you. Check the organizations list in MAIB or the Mid-Atlantic events listings on the OWR website. Good luck.



-- Andre de Bardelaben (, March 23, 2000.

Dear Jake,

I meant Traditional Small Craft Association. Too many epoxy fumes I guess. Try Barnegat Bay TSCA c/o Tom Johns, 195 Shenandoah Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753, Phone 908-270-6786

Still yours,


-- Andre de Bardelaben (www., March 24, 2000.

Your best bet for racing would be to go to the USLA (US Lifeguard Assn.) Bulletin board and go to the "events" segment. The north jersey guards have a load of races in June and July that are open to anyone with a fixed seat rescue type boat. For the championships the rules are much more rigorous.

YOu can find people on Deal lake in Asbury park almost any day rowing and working out. Bob Asay ( Asay Boats) in 1001 Boardwalk in Asbury is a nice guy - not a lot of information - he bulids boats he doesnt' talk much about them is the leader there.

The South jersey guards are a lot more iconoclastic and want nothing to do with anyone that rows anything except the Van Dyne surf boats. Good Luck

-- Phil Rogers (, September 25, 2000.

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