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Looking for other homesteaders in southern ohio ,adams,brown,sciota,highlnd and pike counties, for mutual support,friendship,trade goods ect. Send e-mail to

-- Ame Vanorio (, March 23, 2000


Although we are much further east than you are,we are on the eastern edge of Muskingum county, we still have some of the same concerns. We have a few goats and cattle and are trying to carve out a farm from this very heavy clay soil. We are looking for others who are trying to create self sufficient farms in South or Southeastern Ohio. Hopefully you can he answer questions I have about the soil and the terrain of our part of the state and maybe I can help you as well . Thanks from New Concord.

-- David Clemenson (, March 27, 2000.

We are in southeastern OH. Monroe County Maybe a bit far in distance, but not in email and willingness to share 20 plus years of homesteading. Gardening,greenhouse, canning, butchering, curing and smoking meats, raising livestock: sheep, beef cattle, family milk cow, chickens, ducks, goats, hogs, donkeys. Develope springs, build pond, build house, build fence. Deal with children on the homestead. Livestock illnesses, predators and challenges you don't yet know are coming.

Hoping to encourage homesteading wannabe's and help them cope and learn to laugh at mistakes. You can't make any mistakes that we haven't already made.

We're a couple of plain folks and we run a bare bones, seat-of-your-pants operation, but we are loving it and making it work for many years. Can't imagine any other life.

-- homestead2 (, March 27, 2000.

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