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Found your website after reading an article on the subject in News of the World on 19 March 2000.

Are being chased by Abbey National via Dipp Lupton for a shortfall claim of #32,000 pounds for a house which was voluntary repossed in 1995. We went to court to hand the keys back, after being advised that this was the best option and no repurcussions. If only we knew!. We were notified of when we had to vacate the property, which we did at the end of July 1995.

We have subsequently bought another house in Scotland. It was last year that the horrors of the past reared its head - somewhat surprisingly as we had never expected any backlash.

Dipp Lupton have hounded us asking for details of income & expenditure and not having any knowledge of this area, and being alarmed after almost four years, we sent off the information (how silly this seems after reading your website info). Anyway, at the end of last year I couldn't cope with the pressure, my husband doesn't work (he's on incapacity benefit), plus other creditors chasing us for money. I went to the CAB for help. They have now contacted all our creditors and have negotiated reduced repayments (for 20 years to clear off the debt). For the Abbey National a figure of #135 per month to clear the shortfall has been arranged. Although we have not paid anything since this was agreed in Jan/Feb.

Dibb Lupton are sending letters regularly asking us to contact them.

Can someone help ... I can't cope anymore with all the pressure of especially a shortfall claim of #32,000 (the other debt I now can be sorted, but so much money, people don't have thousands sitting around their bank accounts waiting for this to happen. People are trying to re-establish themselves after loosing a home). I have had to seek medical advice and now on anti-depresants as a result.

Where do we go from here? What steps should we do to sort out this mess? Surely something must be done to stop lenders misleading their customers - Abbey National's name seems to crop up a lot... does this not say something in its self?

-- Ann McEwan (, March 23, 2000

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