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Go here, How to Converse while a Lunatic is Present

-- the watcher (icu@uno.cme), March 23, 2000


Hello Mr. Yourdon (or assimilates),

How are you tonight? Well I hope ;)

We might have some family difficulties but at least we are free to speak our mind about those problems.

If this were on your site you could just enforce a gag order,lock the thread and banish whom you thought deserving.

EZ.....SLEZE boarders, we will still be here uncensored while you on the other hand will be there, protected under the velvet iron fist of protection and safety thanks to good ol' Ed and the Mods(lackeys :)

I think you have enough to take care of in your own house,and it looks to me like it's made of glass also.So why don't you put your rocks down as will I and go back inside and chill out.There ain't no use of stirrin' shit just for the sake of it.


-- capnfun (, March 23, 2000.

Aw, Capnfun,

Not too fun, eh? Didn't anyone ever tell you the old adage, 'laughter is the best medicine?'

Now, come on, admit you chuckled.

-- watcher (icu@uno.cme), March 23, 2000.


Didn't you see me wink at ya?

Still chuckling ;)

-- capnfun (, March 23, 2000.


great site! So true!

-- Reader's Digest (laughter@good.medicine), March 24, 2000.

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