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The little crank handle on my 35GL doesn't stay down in place. It keeps flying around and gets snagged on clothes, etc.

What is supposed to keep it in place? How do I get it fixed with least hassle?

... Fred

-- Fred Dashiell (, March 21, 2000


My used 35ML had similar problem, because the piece of wire in the crank slot was missing. I used a piece of Scotch tape to pad the side and bottom of the crank, and it was held by friction. Later when the shutter failed, I sent it to Minox distributor to fix. They put back the piece of wire.

Check to see if there is a piece of wire in the crank slot, if not, you can use Scotch tape on the crank.

If there is a piece of wire, it could be loose, use a small screwdriver to push it slightly toward the center.

-- martin tai (, March 22, 2000.

Thanks, Martin. I took the little screw out of the center of the rewind crank, and all the pieces came apart. I bent the little wire slightly and put it all back. Handle snaps in now and stays down.

Warning: Don't do this with film inside. Open camera first. Have flat table to catch pieces. Need needle nose pliers or small tweezers.

... Fred

-- Fred Dashiell (, March 23, 2000.

I encountered this same problem on one of my Minox 35GT cameras. I sent it to Don Goldberg who fixed it like new and checked the metering circuit, for $28 including return shipping.

-- Bob Woods (, March 30, 2000.

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