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I think I'll soon officially OD on upcoming speculation (note hidden spoiler in that statement) so it's a good thing Thursday is coming up fast. It's funny how most of the talk about characters lately has centered on Mark, Carter, Carol, Elizabeth, Peter...all the folks who actually have storylines going on on the show.

I got to thinking about Kerry. I don't think she's had a storyline yet that's held my interest. The Cynergix guy? Yawn. The birthmother thing? Had potential, but the writers dropped the ball (this will from now on be called "pulling a Jeanie"--they never should have let Gloria Reuben get away) The whole Chief of Emergency Medicine thing? A big ugly joke. Carter in her basement? For comic relief only.

So what's really next for Kerry? Anyone have any guesses/hopes? I'd like to see something really develop for her, something that doesn't focus on her leg or romance. People have been speculating about Carter having a bout with bipolar illness--it would be more interesting if she had to face something like that. She's conquered the vulnerability that her leg problem might have caused, maybe something that she has to struggle with a bit more, but that ultimately is manageable. She just takes everything in such stride, even her disappointment at not being chief, way back when...I want to see something personal and ongoing with her that shows a human side. I've liked the glimpses we've seen so far...I guess ultimately something along the lines of what Reece was for Peter, something to change her, open her up, and prove there's more to her than the Ice Queen exterior.

-- nancy (, March 21, 2000


I was kind of hoping that the writers would give Kerry a bigger role after the stabbing, but perhaps that will develop in time. I think that Kerry is one of my favorite character's, because she is a strong competent women, who is listened to by the employees, but she can also be caring when she wants to be. I like that we have only received glimps of her soft side, I don't I could take it if she was sweet all the time.

-- Emma (, March 21, 2000.

This doesn't pertain exactly to the topic, but remember last year, Carol seemed to blame Kerry in part for Doug's leaving? I only recall it coming up once. Perhaps this will come up again as the departure of JM looms in the not-so-distant future? It would help bring Weaver to the front, and lead into Carol leaving the hospital and Chicago.

-- Leigh (, March 21, 2000.

I would like to see Kerry get a life-romance, outside interests- something to let us see the personal side of her. But wow-she did awesome directing and acting the last 3 eppys! She was great on Rosie. And she's much more likeable than Romano!!! LOL

-- Bev (, March 23, 2000.

Leigh--I remember that and even though I am beginning to like Kerry due to her help with Carter, I kind of wished Carol would hold more of a grudge towards Kerry in defense of Doug last season. If Doug surprises us and does return, I would be very interested to see if Doug and Kerry were to interact and how.

-- Elaine (, March 24, 2000.

Kerry is such a strong woman. I know a lot of people look at her as a b*tch, and maybe she is, but that's what makes everything run so smoothly. After the stabbing, when she went out and puked and then came right back in, that is a description of Kerry Weaver's strength. There are so many ways her storyline could go. I'd like to see her featured too.

-- Joanne (, April 01, 2000.

Kerry desperately needs a story. NOT on the leg. Not on her birth mother. A semi-platonic relationship is cool. Please don't make Kerry face anything. Give her something happy, okay?

-- Mo (, April 04, 2000.

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