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Thank you to all who have contributed to New Millennium Salons over the years. This site has now been archived as a record of Y2K community involvement leading up to the new millennium.

Bill Dale, Cynthia Beal and I have moved onto other persuits. We've learned many lessons thoughout this journey, two of which is that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and that through hard work and dedication, YOU CAN HELP BRING ABOUT A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME.

Again, a sincere thanks to all who've worked tiredlessly on computer remediation, contingency planning and implementation, and to all those individuals who took the time to get involved to warn their fellow Man. You've help thwart a potential disaster.

History will be kind to you.

Gary Allan Halonen on behave of Bill Dale & Cynthia Beal

P.S. For those interested in my future writings, please go to:

New Site

-- Gary Allan Halonen (, March 21, 2000

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