"Buy Me" not posting to cart & other problems. Thanks

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The best way for me to explain my problem is to ask you to pull up my site at . For now, SHOPPING CART button is near the center of the page.

Clicking there should lead you to the search engine page. Pull up groups and choose Eagles (only group that has any entries). Press List for items. Press any Buy Me button.

Can't get rid of an old cart with Barry's demo items. Can't add my items.

Some of the footer links lock up and I keep getting the can,t access messages at the top of the page. I think I have permissions correct but not sure.

My cgi Perl knowledge is zilch. Hope some of you can detect my problems and help. Please don't assume that I have any cgi fragments in my brain and be detailed for me

Thanks a lot in advance.


-- Ron Strasberg (catari@c2i2.com), March 21, 2000

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