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Title: One hurt in S. Charleston blast

Source: http://www.wvgazette.com/news/News/200003207/

Tuesday March 21, 2000


One South Charleston employee was injured Monday night when gasoline fumes exploded while a city van was being repaired at the municipal garage on Jefferson Road.

The name of the worker and his condition were not immediately released.

South Charleston Fire Chief C.W. Sigman said that a droplight being used by city mechanics apparently malfunctioned, causing gasoline fumes in the repair bay to explode and cause "a pretty serious fire."

The incident occurred at about 6:45 p.m. The garage, operated by the South Charleston Public Works Department, is located on Jefferson Road between Kanawha Turnpike and Corridor G.

James Walker said he was one of two South Charleston employees working to repair a leaky gas tank on a city van.

"It just blew up," said Walker, who was shaken up, but not injured. "There were some fumes, I guess."

Sigman noted the city fire station is next door to the garage. Firefighters were having a meeting at the time of the blast, he said, so three shifts of emergency crews were quickly available.

"The guys heard the blast," Sigman said. "It shook the building."

The fire appeared to be under control by about 7 p.m. Sigman said the fire was confined to one bay of the garage, but that other parts of the building may have been damaged by smoke.

"They were on it pretty fast," he said. "They just jumped right in and we had a lot of manpower on it."It was also not clear how many city vehicles were damaged by the explosion. "We've got several vehicles burned up in there," Sigman said.

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