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Sydney train travelled 1km in wrong direction: SRA

Source: AAP | Published: Tuesday March 21, 11:49 AM

A Sydney passenger train travelled one kilometre down the wrong track because a signal was possibly obscured, State Rail said today.

The driver, guard and controller involved had been stood down from "safe working" duties while an internal inquiry was held, it said.

The three were tested for drugs and alcohol but no traces were found.

The train left Olympic Park last Saturday carrying a handful of passengers who all alighted at Lidcombe.

The next stop was the railyards at Redfern but instead the empty train headed off back towards Olympic Park.

State Rail spokesman Wayne Geddes said there were no passengers on board at the time and no one was put in danger.

However, Mr Geddes said the mistake, which happened just before midnight on Saturday, was unacceptable.

"It's totally unacceptable and we are pursuing enquiries on how it happened," he said.

"There is anecdotal evidence that the signal post at Lidcombe station may have been partly obscured.

"It may have to be moved further down the line to make it more visible to drivers."

-- (, March 20, 2000

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