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I noticed "trails in this remote area last weekend. Thursday the 16th, I was very weak and dizzy, I tried to lie down but the dizziness was worse to the point I was afraid I would pass out. I sat in a chair till my husband got home from work, drank water, ate crackers, felt weak and dizzy. I also got a headache and my eyes hurt.

I slept(sorta) sitting up Thursday night because I was afraid to lie down, I got to dizzy. Friday morning early I let my husband take me to the hospital 60 miles from here.

They did blood test urine test etc. Everything was normal except my white blood cells were low. They said I was getting the "other flu" going around, that just makes you feel "yukky". My white cells were low because I was fighting a viral infection. They said go home and rest and drink plenty of fluids, and move slow.

This I did, I was to weak to do anything else. Yesterday, Sunday, I was feeling better still weak, but less dizzy spells.

Today, Monday, I felt good when I got up, had a cup of coffee, and right now I feel like I have taken 20 beenies, I am wired to the max, to the point, that it is as alarming as being dizzy and weak.

These are the only "flu" symptoms, I have, no fever, no diarea, no cough, no nothing. I have had to human contact for over 2 weeks except with my husband.

I feel real bad. I thought when you were fighting infections your white cells went up. I thought when you had the flu you got sick not this weird crap I am experiencicing.

Does anyone else have this "other flu"? Can anyone point me to a chemtrail site that might help explain this or any other site?

Any help or info would be apreciated.


-- Confused (Thinkibeen sprayed@sick.mad), March 20, 2000


My boys and I just got over this "other flu". It never became incapacitating, but there was chills, dizziness, headache and sinus pressure, and a really bad sore throat. My 4 year old is now fighting a secondary ear infection, poor baby. We had to get him on anti- biotics, which I hate to do, because I think they are hugely over- prescribed. But seems to be helping, thank goodness.

I'm pretty sure that white blood-cell count rises when fighting off invading bacteria and virus. How strange that yours would be lower. Hmmmmm. Unless the hospital personnel meant to say higher. How odd. Anyhow, I hope you are soon feeling 'yourself'. Try some echinacaea, goldenseal, colloidal silver, ester-c. Lots of water and rest.

Cin =o)

-- cin (, March 20, 2000.


It's true that typical virus infections will LOWER the white count somewhat. Could you find out HOW much lower than normal your white count was? Those sure are WEIRD symptoms for a 'flu.'


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, March 20, 2000.


Dr Schenker can tell you if I'm wrong but your many of your symptoms sound like they are being caused by dehydration along with whatever virus is attacking you. It's very important that you drink a lot more liquids than normal when you're this sick. My wife has the misfortune of being very sensitive to dehydration and has fainted several times over the years when she was sick and not getting enough fluids.

Humans have been getting sick for a long time and viruses have been mutating and causing "weird" symptoms for a long time. I'm curious why you think that chemtrails are causing something that's more easily explained by the idea that people just get sick from time to time.

-- Jim Cooke (, March 20, 2000.

Confused-I hope you feel better. Me and mine have been well, and nothing strange going on here in new joisy.

I was going to speak to the white blood cell issue, but I see the good doctor has responded-Hey doctor, good to see you, I have not seen you post in awhile!

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), March 20, 2000.

Confused, just a nurse chiming in her 2 cents here.

First, getting medical advice over the internet on a forum like this will get you even more confused. Really, this isn't the place to find the answers to your problems. You would do a lot better by asking direct and straight questions to your doctor and INSISTING that he answers them until you are satisfied. If he/she brushes you off with vague answers, I advise you strongly to find another doctor who has more time and a better patient relationship philosophy.

Depending on your age and your past medical history, the cause of your symptoms could be anything. For example, it is common with older people for example to have increased bouts of dizzyness as they get older, which can be caused by high blood pressure, or low blood pressure, or a heart condition etc. etc. Also, the inner ear is where our sense of balance comes from, and it could be due to severe congestion in this area, affecting balance and causing dizziness. Dehydration can also cause it, as well as confusion.

Those are only some examples, to show you that many things can cause dizziness. It could be related to the flu, but not everyone would have the same symptoms with any perticular flu infections. It all depends on your age, past medical history and your perticular metabolism.

So, my free advice to you is to call or see your doctor and tell him/her that you are confused and want to understand what's going on with you. You pay good money for this service, never forget that.

-- Chris (!@#$, March 20, 2000.


" Dehydration can also cause it, as well as confusion." should read " Dehydration can also cause it, as well as causing confusion."

-- Chris (!@#$, March 20, 2000.

Ya know..I was going to reply "Go see another doctor" after I read Confused's original message, but you folks have all saved me the trouble. :-)

-- kritter (, March 20, 2000.


I wouldn't say her symptoms of the "flu" were unusual without knowing the rest of the patient's medical history! Bad CHF, liver failure, AIDS, brain tumor, who knows? But then I shouldn't be pimping you when you're obviously being helpful... :)

An uneducated J6P with an unfounded opinion,


-- Someone (, March 20, 2000.

Um, pardon my lack of knowledge, but what is a 'beenie'?

-- consumer (, March 20, 2000.

I'm not making light of anyone who is sick. I just, finally got over this "other flu". Six days off work, then a good two weeks trying to get back to normal. Because of union rules, I needed a doctor's slip to go back to work. The doctor's office refused to see me til the following week, they were booked solid. I didn't need another week off work. So they advised me to go to the emergency room at our local hospital. Told my husband I'd be back in an hour or so. Next thing I know, I'm hooked up to an I.V., they're pumping me with some pain killer for nausea, and telling me they want to do a spinal tab! It took some convincing on my part to convince them that I just had the flu, which was going around my office. Eight hours later they finally let me go. Got a copy of the bill they sent the insurance company, $478.00. They made some easy money on me. All this for a doctor's slip. But I have to say, I would rather of had a ragging 24 hour flu bug then this "other flu".

-- Trish (, March 20, 2000.

Dear Confused, please allow me to set the stage by addressing a remark Chris made, about the Forum not being the place to seek medical advice. Charlatans can exist right in your neighborhood, as well as on the Internet. The reverse also is true, you can meet some pretty honest people in both places. When a person asks for advice on the Internet, they stand the same chance of finding honesty as they do in their local area. It does not hurt to ask for advice, and hope some honest person, will offer some experience. Then you weigh, what has been said. Some people feel intimidated by Doc's, like they are the "Supreme Knowledge", and a lot of Doc's have a Prima Donna persona (sorry Doc. S.). I say, if you don't feel comfortable with what the Doc said, and he/she won't talk on your level, Fire the fritter, and go to another Doc! My latest experience with friendly internet advice just saved me over 1K. If I had listened to my local professional, I would be much poorer. But kind folks, on the Internet, offered, freely, the solution to my well problem. Thank God! for kind souls! Confused, if you don't feel comfortable with your Doc, quit him/her. Go find one you feel comfortable with. BTW, you didn't get a Flu shot did you?

-- Been confused (, March 20, 2000.

(Deleted marketing scam. Against forum policy. OTFR)

-- ... (, March 20, 2000.

I had the same thing about a mouth ago. I have more energy now. There were trails in the sky at the time.

-- ET (, March 20, 2000.


When looking up at the sky, it is advisable to keep your mouth shut.

After all, a bird might fly overhead and bomb you....

-- hmmmm (lips@locked.tight), March 20, 2000.

Thank you all for your input on this subject.

I feel almost normal today, still have weak spells, but, I am not dying like I thought I was on Thursday.

Cin: I hope your son gets better. I know how it is about anti- biotics. Have you ever read The Yeast Connection by William G. Cook?

Dr. Bill,

Have read alot of your posts, you are ok for a Dr. Thanks for telling me about the lower white cell count. Beings I have had no other flu symptoms though, I still wonder if I was sprayed with something to kill the white cells to lower my resistance to other things? But don't wanna get Chris in an uproar, am not seeking free medical advice, hell the emergency room cost out the ass.

Jim: I drink 4 0r 5 glasses(mugs) of water a day...dehydration was not my problem. I am a 46 yr. old healthy female- just go to the Doctor for the yearly "twat thing". If I have the flu, I know what to do, if it is the normal "flu". I saw chem-trails- I have been around one other person for over 2 weeks- my nearest neighbor is 2 miles away- I got a "weird flu" that is going around. How did I get it if not from the sky?

Anyway, to everyone, I feel better, still alittle dizzy sometime,but, I was not seeking medical advice...I mainly wanted to know if anyone else has had this "new flu" besides me, it is going around.

Thanks everyone and I hope you all stay well, but keep looking up.


-- confused (thinkibeensprayed@sick.mad), March 21, 2000.

>> How did I get it if not from the sky? <<

Far be it from me to pretend I know. But I do have a philosophy in this regard and it seems to fit a lot of facts, as I have observed them.

I believe that the "germ theory" of disease is a fair approximation ofthe truth, but I factor in resistance to the germs. I think it is possible to carry the microbes that cause an illness for many weeks, and during most of that time, our bodies may resist the onset of the disease.

Then, if some stressful episode, or even some vague emotional factor, makes us more vulnerable to the disease, our immune system may let it's guard down and let the disease have the upper hand.

In my view, we may carry a disease agent for a fair length of time after we are exposed to the actual germs and still fall ill many weeks later than when our exposure to the germs took place, if our emotional climate alters to allow the disease to take stronger hold of us. This theory, at least, meets my test of personal observations.

It admit could be wrong. Illness is a very idiosyncratic process.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, March 22, 2000.

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