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Can you furher explain what is wanted in question one of the assignment due Tuesday?


-- Chris Allmer (, March 20, 2000


Hi, Chris

In order to do the assignment, you need to fidn an article which is "quantitatively" done. In such articles, the researchers usually employ a theory (or bigger idea) and try to test it in a real situation (by making hypotheses and test it). This is done in a very clear way -- usually the researcher state "Hypothesis one: ...."

The hypothesis you are seeing in the article is the "reasearch hypothesis" or "alternative hypothesis." The null hypothesis would NOT be stated in the paper because it is implied in the reasearch hypothesis. That is, the null hypothesis is basically a hypothetical statement nullyfying the research hypothesis.

For exaple, in the video we watched at the beginning of the sememster, the reseracher saide that fear wil increase people desire to affilate with others. In other words, they don't want to be alone if the degree of fear increase.

Here, we can take the hypothesis out (but if you find an article, it usually states what is the hypothesis it wants to test.),

Hypothesis: Fear will increase people's desire to affilate with others.

Then the null hypothesis would be a statement which nullyfies the above statement

The exact way of stating this would be:

Null: Fear will NOT increase people desire of affiliation.

Or, you can modify it as below:

Null: There is no relations between fear and people's desre to affiliation.

Please read the textbook regarding research and null hypothesis.

-- hyo kim (, March 21, 2000.

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