What does "m and m" mean ??

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Whenever a doctor on ER does something bad regarding a patient and it's possible they are going to get in trouble, they always talk about them having to go through the "M and M" - or at least, that's what it sounds like they are saying. I know that is where they have to go before the other doctors and the hospital admin. guys & defend themselves, but what does M & M stand for? Thanks!!

-- Melanie (msintn@hotmail.com), March 20, 2000


Morbidity and Mortality, an opportunity for people who weren't there to second guess the decisions made by the person who was there. It's theoretically a learning process -- "how not to screw up like Barry here did" -- but I don't know.

Sometimes you get donuts. Personally, I always thought M&M rounds were a good way to get a snack and a nap.

-- Mike Sugimoto (phloem@fumbling.com), March 20, 2000.

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