x-files to the er? (small spoiler possibly)

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I read that Mitch Pileggi will guest star on er's april 6th episode. Mitch Pileggi stars in the x-files. I do not watch the x-files. So who is this person????

-- Sparky (iluver@hotmail.com), March 19, 2000


Mitch Pileggi aka Assistant FBI Director Skinner is Mulder's and Scully's boss on the show.

-- abigail (abbyqueen@aol.com), March 19, 2000.

OOOOOOhhhhhh, Mitch Pileggi! "Be Still My Heart"! He has these penetrating dark eyes and huge arms. He's silently sexy.

-- AmyE (roamyn@aol.com), March 21, 2000.

Mitch Pileggi is SOOOOO sexy, I was so excited to hear that he'd be on "ER"!! I want Scully to have Mulder, but I'd take Skinner any day!!!! ;-)

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 21, 2000.

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