Will they ever make a aftermath of the titanic?

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Will they ever make aftermath of the titanic? I think some people want to know more about the sinking of the titanic.

-- molly mclaughlin (), March 19, 2000


They have already made a aftermyth of the titanic it is always on the dicovery channel.

-- Phoebe Newcomer (
smile_gurl2003@yahoo.com), February 01, 2003.

Yes and no. Yes in the effect we have learned from this tragedy and how to prevent it from happeing. No in that within the next several years there will be nothing left of the ship for further exploration and study.

-- Michael C. Morello (mmorello81@yahoo.com), February 12, 2003.

yes because poeple want to learn more about the (TITANIC)!!!! 4 example Roberta Elizbeth Mary Maioni... was the maid of the Courtess of Rothes. Roberta was my great great great grandmother. she was 18 years old when she went on the titanic ok thanks bye kimberley thomson

-- kimberley thomson (grim_myster@hotmail.com), March 01, 2003.

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