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Hi, And thanks for taking the time to read this. First problem in my html header. It shows up on the main page but not after that but the footer shows up on all pages. Hopefully someone can help here. Second, in when I change my shipping to ship by weight ($shipping = "3";) it changes my store. When I click on the add button or the checkout button and it takes me to the ?command=add or ?command=buy1 page but on that page I lose all buttons. Actually everything below the cart table, with the item, price etc. in it , is gone. Now that I look at it the only shipping that lets my program work is 0 or no shipping. I don't think I changed anything that would affect this. Can anyone tell me where to look. You can see the script at, I made the cgi files in txt so you can view them. Thanks a heap Rick

-- Rick Williams (rob1000@ptd.net), March 19, 2000


Ok, here is what has happened. I have the store running that I downloaded from Barry's site but when I run the store with the script I got from here http://host-here.com/cgi-local/download/downloader.cgi is when I am having the problems. The reason why i want to use this script is because of some of the newer features. Can anyone tell me where to look on this new script to rectify this problem. Thanks Much Rick

-- Rick (rob1000@ptd.net), March 20, 2000.

The FREE scripts posted require modification of the original S-mart administrator.

These are the full scripts for the Web-Store.Net DEMO STORE at http://web-store.net/smart/smart.cgi and are intended to AUGMENT the scripts available from Barry Robison. programming are available FOR A FEE. These scripts are made available in the spirit of OPEN SOURCE software, but require a HIGH DEGREE of programming skill to install. Great help is available from the group. These scripts are offered without warranty. They are FREE.

The Administrator was written for a customer and I am negotiating a reasonable download fee for his script. It includes the mailing engine that also was written by someone else. A tar of the entire Smart-Store Demo can be had (for free)however, you would have to purchase the CHECKER software for $14.95 at http://web-store.net/checker

These scripts address nearly every known bug in the store, as well as offering just about every improvement asked for in the discussion group over the last two years.

If you have a SERIOUS need NOW: Either buy CHECKER and I will email you the tar or contact us at sales@web-store.net to discuss your needs and negotiate a fee.

-- Gregory Swofford (computer@web-store.net), March 20, 2000.

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