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Mr. Kim, I am writing the paper due Tuesday, and have a question. In paragraph #2, we are asked to "Make a diagram of the theoretical model that was used." I can not find a good example of this in my notes or in the text book. I'm not sure what the prof. is looking for. Could you please either give a an example of what he is looking for (that I could use as a model), or point me toward specific pages in the text. Any/all help would be apreciated. Thank You, --Vincent Manna

-- Vincent Manna (, March 19, 2000


Hi, Perhaps the article that I wrote might help you. You can find it at the below URL ng-variable.html

or click here.

In the article, you will see I used diagrams to identify the variables (in boxes) and the relations (arrows). You can apply the same methods in your assignment.


-- hyo kim (, March 21, 2000.

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