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I have sold a few stories and photos in the past but the film costs  turn around time, developing and printing is killing me. I want to get into selling some photos online as a way of underwriting what is mainly a hobby so Im planning to make the great leap into digital photography. I mainly shoot black and white and Im looking at on line sales of piccies  news items / general interest to mags / newspapers. I have a PC and a Mac though neither is the latest, grooviest machine. I'm thinking of buying the latest Nikon Coolpix thoug I'm open to suggestions.

I have a lot of questions and concerns about the obvious issues involved. Any help, advice or pointers on any of the below would be appreciated. Thanks for your time in answering. Ill condense and repost all the answers in a reader user fashion to help the countless others on the brink of digitalizing.


The new Coolpix has over 3 megapixels. Is that good enough. Is there something bigger just around the corner.

Eye sight adjuster  is it possible on a digital camera. I currently use a 2 adjustment on my Nikon FM2

Black & white shooting. Is this possible in camera or is it a case of converting from colour to b/w on a computer.

Is there an in camera equivalent of the different kinds of film  ASA range and type (for instance Technical Pan etc) or is this all done in Photoshop.

Filters for black and white  yellow filter for cloud contrast / polariser etc. Are these physically attached to the camera, done electronically in camera or is this another case for Photoshop.


In camera - Memory chip issues. Are there different kinds of cards that may or may not be compatible with computers or programs. Is there a best brand or type.

Format  Mac or Windows. Is that something to worry about at the computer stage or is the camera / chip / storage device choice crucial to the Computer/Program being used

Storage of pics. Computer space is a problem. If kept on chips can the photo be resaved on the chip with Photoshop changes. Is that an expensive / inefficient storage choice. Is it best to buy some kind of external storage device.


Camera to computer to user issues.

Im in Japan. Is sending images both domestically and internationally to the UK for example a problem. Are there compatibility issues (e.g. a kind of NTSC  PAL type of conflict)

Are photo users  magazines / newspapers primarily Windows or Mac users. Is it possible to mix these. For example a Windows program to successfully send images to a Mac user.

Copyright / Security to avoid unauthorized use and protect samples etc.

Contracts / Rights / Fees. Are there any guidelines / obvious pitfalls or typical scenarios.

-- Michael Donovan (, March 19, 2000



Just read some of your post... to be honest to much to make it all the way through..... before you buy the cool pix I recomend that you have a good look at the ne Nikon D5.... I work as a pro photographer & put one through it's paces a couple of weeks ago.... for the price it is unequalled... whilst the spec of the coolpix looks impresive on paper it looks & handles like a cheap compact !!! Sad but true is that clients like to see us turning up to a job with "kit" thay like to be reasuured of the amount of money they are spending.... the Nikon looks like it should & further more does a great job !!!

If you sell work to magazines & newspapers, thety generally reproduce at around 150 dpi, on this basis a high res frame from the nikon will enlarge to a double A4 spread NO PROBLEM.... however at 340 dpi ( books & record sleeves etc ) . I wouldn't try going bigger than a playing card !!!!

I see that you are a MAC user... if it's a G3 laptop you can buy a PC card... remove chip from camera & slot in... then email pics globally right from the location ( works best with a mac to mobile phone link - phone should be tri band for true global compliance - I recomend the access pc serial addaptor - hooked into your mac & a d1 27 modem which clips onto the bottom of the mobile - wireless conection & v-neat. Both appliances available from ).

The Nikon retails at arround #3500 in the UK & is well worth it, it's the only contender in the market place at the moment... i just wish cannon would pull their finger out & compete with a cheaper version of there pro digi cam.....

As far as storage of your images goes... I would buy a Yamaha Cd writer. Thet retail for peanuts & ARE GREAT !!!! When your Nikon chip is full ( stores around 200 medium res files ), just copy them ointo a destop folder then burn to CD on returning to the studio ! ( CD's contain 650meg ... so a lot of pics )...

Anyway I hope this is of some help ! I am on the same path as yourself at present so if you wanna swop any mail ..... benjenningsphotography@btinternet

-- ben (, April 25, 2000.

Hi: Check out for any and all digital camera questions especially relating to photoj/newspaper work.



-- Don Denton (, November 18, 2000.

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