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There's been so much serious speculation about upcoming episodes that I thought I'd contribute something on the lighter side.

Top ten things the ER staff should NOT do to welcome Carter back to work on his first day:

10. Turn the music way up.

9. Gather all female staff members around Carter and ask if he can guess which one inserted his Foley catheter.

8. Call him "Deb" all day long and see how HE likes it.

7. Tell him what a great St. Patrick's Day party he missed.

6. Put Carol in charge of the empathy committee.

5. Name Carter "Employee of the Month."

4. Name Lucy "Employee of the Month."

3. Have Mark offer to throttle Paul Sobricki. (A touching gesture, but Romano wouldn't like it.)

2. Serve blue cake.

1. Hide in Curtain Three until Carter comes in, then jump out and yell "Surprise!"

-- Kathy C (, March 19, 2000


That was great Kathy! Very funny, heh. It kind of takes the tension off of waiting for Thursday, well, kind of! Seriously, those were great, nice job.


-- Phantom (, March 19, 2000.

Loved it, Kathy!

-- Diana (, March 19, 2000.

Great job--I was trying to think of additional items, something about maybe having 3 Bean Salad with the kidney beans left in, or about scattering cards on the floor for him to pick up, but I think I'll leave well enough alone.

-- nancy (, March 19, 2000.

Okay, i must be out of it or something, but I don't understand NO. 8. Is her name not "Deb", or .....what? This was probably discussed in an earlier thread, so if so, I apologize. Let me know, Someone!! :-)

-- Paula (, March 19, 2000.

OMFG!!!! thanks, kathy, i needed that, hehehehehe!!

-- Alexis (, March 19, 2000.

Nice going, Kathy, this was great! Maybe we should have a Top Ten for all memorable moments, like Top Ten reasons Doug and Carol should (or should not?) get back together!

-- Annie (, March 20, 2000.

Paula, Deb has asked everyone to call her Jing Mei (her given name) but Carter refuses (accidentally or on purpose?) and still calls her Deb.

-- amanda (, March 20, 2000.

Thanks for the info, Amanda. I must have, either, missed that whole epi. or totally spaced that little detail out. Makes it perfectly clear now, and very funny!!!! :-)

-- Paula (, March 20, 2000.

Loved it!!! I needed the laugh and they are all so appropriate!!! Good work!!

-- Bev (, March 20, 2000.


-- Lisa (, March 20, 2000.

Too bad he didn't do the surgical thing. Because then whenever he is in surgery and said "scalpel" they could hand him a BIG knife.

-- Jamie (, March 21, 2000.

Great job Kathy!! LMAO!!!

For more fun and games, I found a page for an ER drinking game. A quick yahoo search will find it. Its a riot, but it could use a little updating for season 5-6. Anybody up to the challenge?

This is not meant to encourage anyone to drink irresponsibly. Non-drinkers and underage folk should of course, ibibe their non-alcoholic poison of preference.

-- Anon (, March 22, 2000.

LOL! That was really funny. I passed it around the office to amuse everyone (we're all "er" junkies here).

-- Jennifer M. (, March 23, 2000.

I must say that was sick! :) However, that is my kind of humour, so I enjoyed it immensely. Great job, Kathy! :)

-- kristal (, March 28, 2000.

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