What do you think about Purple Loosestrife and company?

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Especially Purple Loosestrife and Kudzu. Crazy people are still putting these things in their gardens. I think both are beautiful but we also have a natural swamp area behind my house and while it isn't all that pretty, I still think that it would be dangerous to plant anything like that so close to where it can go nuts.

The very very large swamp area down where I used to work is also being taken over by the Gooseneck Loosestrife. You wouldn't believe how fast that stuff really does take over until you see the progress it makes in just one year like I did. That particular swamp is probably about 20 acres.

-- Renee (justtme@justme.org), March 19, 2000


That was a good article, Renee. Thanks.

The big problem here is water hyacinths. I think they're illegal at this point, because they get loose and clog rivers. The other big problem here is tree of heaven, but that was planted in the 1800's. No one plants it voluntarily anymore.

I grow things here in the city that I wouldn't grow if I lived closer to wild lands -- foxglove, vinca, ivy. I do wonder if the privet gets spread to the river. I have about a million privet seedlings in my yard at any given time, so I wouldn't be surprised.

-- Beth (beth@xeney.com), March 19, 2000.

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