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I split with my now ex husband in 1990 and the following year the house was reposessed. Then I never heared from them for about four years, and then this other company said they had bought the debt of C I B C. Anyway I said that I had no money and was on income support at the time, but thay kept bothering me for weeks saying if I dont pay the shortfall in a week ( #15000 ) they would take me to court.

They kept ringing me untill one day I broke down in tears and told them their constant threats were making me ill and I was under the doctor for treatment for bad nerves and stress, I offered them #2.00 per week as I didn't have much money and they wouldn't except anyway when I meantioned that I had seen a solicitor they backed right off and I haven't heared from then since, that was three years ago.

Are they still likely to get back in touch or will this new six year rule apply.

-- amanda jayne burrows (, March 19, 2000

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