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hey i saw the preveiws for this weeks er"under control" . mark already is upset, but he looked mad in the preveiws! i hope this wont drive a wedge in lizzie's and mark's relationship.. i was hoping they would actually last and get married.does anyone else?

-- rachel (, March 18, 2000



What I got from the previews is Mark is under ALOT of stress. He has a busy ER shift with big traumas, he has to look out for Carter and who doesn't seem to be up to his first day's shift, and his father is dying from Cancer. He probably wants to spend as much time as he has left with his father to try and connect with him before he dies. This is probably why he thinks about quitting. I'm sure this will be difficult to share with Corday because we know Mark doesn't open up as much as he should. JMO

-- MAX (, March 18, 2000.

I've also wondered if the writers will show us Mark's feelings about the night of the attack itself. He left early, leaving about a hour space where he was gone and Kerry had not yet come in. During that time is when the attack happened. I'm not saying that he's to blame, but I think almost anyone in that situation would have to think about it. Sure would cause me stress.

-- Diana (, March 19, 2000.

Yes, I think Mark would/should be concerned about possible ramifications, maybe even an accusation from Carter about how things could have been prevented. I can't remember, did Carter stop at the desk where the heart of the Valentine's Day party was taking place, or did he go right to the exam room to check on Lucy? If he saw all the chaos it might affect his reaction to Mark (who was in charge and could have at least lowered the volume on the stereo.)

Mark and Elizabeth, hmmm...I think Mark opens up well to the women in his life. I remember him talking to Cynthia about the Chris Law case and how she seemed to really help him, and to take his side when no one else seemed willing to do the fact that Elizabeth knows David Green and all, Mark might be more able to talk to her. I'm all for some sort of wedge being driven into their relationship, because I don't really want them to get married. But I'm not sure this particular wedge would be true to the characters (think also of Elizabeth's willingness to get involved and be supportive when Peter was having problems with Reece--she'd want to help Mark and wouldn't let him shut her out).

-- nancy (, March 19, 2000.

if i remember correctly, carter DID stop by the desk and ask if anyone has seen lucy. i dont remember what was said after that!

-- Alexis (, March 19, 2000.

Yes, Carter did stop at the desk, and noticed that Lucy didn't get to a patient that was waiting for four hours, and a nurse (sorry don't remember her name), told Carter that she was still waiting for psych. councel in curtain three.

-- Paula (, March 20, 2000.

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