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Does anyone know of books, etc where I could find photos of the Greensboro roundhouse? I know that it is still standing and used by a salvage yard, but I am considering making a watercolor painting and need to learn more about what it looked like in operation.

Also, if anyone knows of a good source for Winston-Salem passenger station (other than the Ward book), I'm interested in it as well.

Thanks in advance, Christine

-- Christine Masarweh (, March 18, 2000


See if you can find a copy of WINSTON-SALEM SOUTHBOUND RAILWAY, by Jeff Miller & Jim Vaughn (privately published 1996), perhaps in the Winston-Salem Library or a local historical society. On page 20 of this book there's a 1938 "aerial" view of W-S Union Terminal and the road approach. The photo may have been taken from an office building nearby and takes up half a page in the book. Also, on page 120 there is a direct view of the front portal of the station though somewhat small. When you visit the W-S Library and/or historical society, also ask about old picture postcard views in their files which you could make copies of while you are there. The same suggestions hold true for the Greensboro roundhouse. A library or historical society can have some interesting photo collections.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 19, 2000.

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