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Recently, after looking at a collapsed wall in a "Michigan basement", under the cement foundation, I noticed the end of a bottle protruding, which I managed to pull out. This house was built in the late l800s, and I surmise the bottle held soda for the person who was laying the foundation. It is of a pale green color, very thick so it probably did not hold much pop and has a large lip on top.The bottle has raised letters on the side with the message: "City Pop Works, East Saginaw, Michigan".The bottle has several bubbles in the glass sides. Looking in the our library here, we can find no reference to the above company, however the wording " East Saginaw" dates it to be about l860 to l875. In those days, East Saginaw, was a separate town.

-- Clifford B. James (, March 18, 2000

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