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Carter has had to face a lot of death in his life. There was Bobby, Gant, Lucy, the paramedic who was shot by someone b/c they thought it was him, and Chase didn't die but he feels guilty about the whole situation. I'm curious if the other characters will realize that Carter may begin to feel like anyone he gets too close to will end up being hurt, and that may be why he keeps a distance from them. It could make for an interesting scene if Carter got to his breaking point, and just told whoever he was with that everyone he gets close to dies...I dunno...just a thought.

-- Kerry (, March 18, 2000


Yeah I agree with you Kerry, it does seem like Carter is taking the blame for everyone's death too, I hope that they reassure him that it isn't his fault, I hope he recovers from it though. I love Carter and I feel bad for him.


-- Hayley (, March 18, 2000.

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