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Do we have any homesteaders in the upstate of SOUTH CAROLINA? Let me hear from you.

-- UNCLEJAKE (, March 17, 2000


Hi Jake: Looks like the response to your search for upstate homesteaders has been a little underwhelming. Don't know if I'm a homesteader, but I do live in the woods in Oconee County. I'm interested in renewable energy, gardening, and simple and frugal living. Ed

-- Ed (, June 21, 2000.

UNCLEJAKE I have 10 acres in Townville, SC. I have fruit & nut trees, vegetable gardens, dogs, cats, goats, & rare breed chickens. I am developing a spring on my property for irrigation this spring. Next spring I will try using solar energy. No chemicals are used. All things are raised naturally. I am wanting to meet people with similar interests to share seede, livestock, & information. Typo error the word is seeds. I'm also a member of the SEED SAVERS EXCHANGE.

-- Marla Vales (, January 31, 2001.

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