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Hi! I want to know how to Make my own VCD from VHS player. My system is PentiumIII 667 with 128MB SDRAM, ATI All-In-Wonder128 32MB AGP Bus, Easy CD Creator De Luxe 4.01 Edition. I am very new in using a computer and video capture software.

Thank you Justine

-- Justine Lopez (, March 17, 2000


I have the same system and it took me some time before I realized that the ATI bundled software was crashing my EZ CD Creator. You have to have the deluxe version of EZ CD Creator 4.0 which usually does not come with your CD burner. First, hook up your VCR to the video in on the ATI card and the audio out from the VCR to the line-in on your sound card. Open the TV viewer and hit the play button on the VCR. Then select the composite or S-video input on the TV GUI depending on your hook-up. You should get a picture right away. Sound may or may not be so easy. If you get no sound make sure your line-in on your sound card is selected and the volume turned up. Also check your master volume. If no sound, go into the setup program on the TV viewer and find the audio window that allows you to select different input channels. Select line-in. Sound should come on immediately.

Now that you're read, set the video frame size to 352x240, the frame rate to 29.97 fps, and audio to 44Khz, 16 bit stereo. hit the settings button on the video setup window and accept default settings. This will record the mpgs in "whitebook" format with is required for making Video CDs. If you don't care about making Video CDs you can record at any frame size, rate, bit rate you wish to get the video quality you desire. Remember as quality increases so does size, so trade-offs will be made. Click OK on all the setup menus, then hit the record button while the video is playing. A recording window will pop up detailing the time recorded, time left on the hard drive based on your recording settings, etc... When you're ready to stop, hit the stop button on the recording window and a save window will pop up. Name the file and hit save. All you have to do then is find it on your Windows Explorer and double click it and it should play fine.

-- Jim Byrd (, June 16, 2000.

I forgot on thing on the previous note. In order to get the EZ CD Creator video CD creator to work, you have to uninstall the ATI bundled software. There is a conflick with EZ CD Creator video creator that will not let you incert or record video clips. So burn all of your clips in whitebook format, uninstall the ATI suite, burn the Video CD, and reinstall the ATI software. Sounds crazy, but it took me 6 months to figure it out.

-- Jim Byrd (, June 16, 2000.

In the 7 months that have passed has an easier way been discovered now that 4.02 has been released. I can't burn VCDs with the same setup and was wondering why.

-- Mike Hannum (, January 25, 2001.

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