OT Mar. 17 air incidents (some unreported)

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From the Seattle Times:

SEATTLE, March 16 (Reuters) - Alaska Airlines on Monday grounded a Boeing Co. 737 in Juneau after foul smelling chemical fumes from lubrication oil seeped into the cabin, the Seattle Times reported on Thursday.

None of the 76 passengers and 5 crew members suffered serious injuries but some passengers vomited and one had an asthma attack. The airline called the incident minor, posing no serious health risks, the Times reported.

After the fumes appeared, the plane returned to Juneau, where mechanics spent 90 minutes running tests. The narrowbody jet was cleared to take off again, but the fumes reappeared, forcing a second landing, the paper reported.


(from an ATC board, controller reporting)

"We had a fun day at JFK yesterday, but I guess the news hasn't picked it up yet. We had a United 767 declare an emergency and go around on his first approach, complaining of a flap problem. On his second approach, the aircraft behind him (a Jetstream 41 turboprop) reported a possible fire in the baggage compartment, and declared an emergency. We wanted to land them on separate runways (in case one stopped on the runway or had trouble) but we couldn't since the emergency trucks wouldn't have time to deploy from one runway to the other between their arrival. (The runways are a mile apart). Both arrived ok, without incident. Fun stuff!"

-- viewer (justp@ssing.by), March 17, 2000

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