What happened to commeradery? (regarding Lucy)

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I saw the rerun they showed tonight for the first time, and I have to say there is much less commeradery (sp) than there used to be on ER. Maybe there are a few things I am overlooking, but I have been noticing that in this season, Lucy has basically been all about dealing with patients and she really has no friends to fall back on. Her and Malucchi seem to share a brotherly/sisterly atmosphere, but besides that, I don't know, she didn't even have Carter to talk to anymore. I know this is about working in an ER and being professional, but come on. Why was Carol so incredibly rude to her (I thought they both had a right to defend their respective cases with the rehab situation until Carol shot out "You're just a med student!"...that was harsh, and I hate to say it because I am a Carol fan too) And Dr. Lawrence was short with her. I know later on Kerry, Romano, Luka, and Carter show her alittle respect, but gosh, no wonder she wanted to quit. She could have joked around and had non-work related conversations with people like everyone else does.

Does anyone else think this?

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), March 17, 2000


Actually I think this illustrated why Lucy became alienated in the ER. Before Carol responding Your a Med Student, Lucy said You're just a nurse and Carol's response was justified. To gain respect from you peers you must first respect them.

If you examine the situation... you have a pregnant woman and a young man. Who would you consider more urgent to admit to a rehab program? I would say the pregnant woman to save the baby. Lucy's behavior was out of line and as a Med Student soon to be Dr. she should have recognized it.

As someone who knows the outcome of what happens to Lucy (the character doesnt even know her eventual fate), it is easy to perceive Carol as being harsh. But realistically, Carol was letting Lucy know that Lucy still had alot of learn.

-- judie (jasbel95@aol.com), March 17, 2000.

As for the camaraderie, I agree somewhat it's something that's lacking this year b/c there are so many folks. For ex. do any of the doctors really know or like Finch or Chen? Stuff like them all bonding at Doc Magoos was good, but it's harder for them to pull off now, like in the early days when everyone celebrated with Mark and Jenn when she was accepted into law school, etc.

I would love to see them have another baseball game like at the beginning of Season 3. That was such a fun scene!

-- Larry (larrybro95@hotmail.com), March 17, 2000.

You know I think that everyone has rough days, and I have to say that if I were in either of Carol or Lucy's positions I would have done the same thing. These characters aren't perfect and it is nice to see them have faults. If you remember Carol does state at the end that she didn't know that it was Lucy's patient. Leading me to believe that if she had known that perhaps she would approached Lucy before she tried to get a place for the pregnant women. I think there is less commeradory this season. I realize that a lot of people didn't enjoy season 5, but I think the first half of season six was worst to date. I think that Kellie Martin's departure may have just saved the show. Lucy's death allows for the new character's to bond and has allowed for some great storyline possiblities.

-- Emma (webbef@hotmail.com), March 17, 2000.

In regard to Carol and Lucy--also remember last season the ridiculous ongoing thing about how Lucy couldn't start an IV and Carol had to keep covering it up. If Carol was slow to respect Lucy she had her reasons. I agree that Meg deserved the bed over Jesse, but how incredibly frustrating that they both ended up walking out of the hospital without detox.

Last season we saw some of Lucy's social world--the party/fire at the dorm room. Again it's so impossible to tell if the absense of that view this season was intentional by the writers or more proof of an ongoing ineptitude or inability to invent realistic characters. The scene in last night's ep where she talks to the burned girl makes me sorry that Lucy's gone (for the first time).

-- nancy (tbc@po.cwru.edu), March 17, 2000.

What Carol said was most certainly justified!! Nurses get so much crap from doctors, who often times think they know everything. Being told that she is "just a nurse" (when clearly she is much more than that) is harsh, considering Carol has been working in that hospital for eleven years; Lucy had been there less than two years.

Also, a pregnant woman most definately takes priority in this type of situation, IMO. If the mother continues to use her baby continues to use. In order to save the baby you have got to help the mother. An unborn child is helpless and presents a most urgent need for detox. Remember, too, that Carol had been taking excellent care of herself -- also pregnant -- and she has seen time and time again the affects drug use has on a fetus or baby (the still-born from Season 4, Baby Josh).

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 17, 2000.

Getting back to the issue of comraderie: I always liked ER because of the relationships between Mark, Doug and Carol. Their friendship played out very real and was quite refreshing on a late night drama show. I mean there are alot of other good relationships worth exploring, teacher/student, doctor/nurse, doctor/patient, doctor/wife, significant other but those three remained the core of the show. The next person I look to to carry this kind of mature relationship off is Elizabeth. I think she and Peter are developing a nice easy- going friendship. It makes me kind of sad to think that their relationship almost ended before it began because they rushed into things too quickly. I have hopes for Benton/Carter but it's too soon to tell on that.

-- maryann (map5860@aol.com), March 18, 2000.

I do think Carol was harsh in her response to Lucy. Lucy was upset and really, she spoke without thinking. It happens. But Carol's angry snapping at Lucy, "You're what?! You're a Med student!" was a bit out of line. And could Carol, as a nurse, really do that - take another patient's de-tox bed?

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), March 18, 2000.

I agree, Maryann. I absolutely adore the Mark/Carol/Doug dynamic. I'm very sad to see it go. Also, in response to if Carol (a nurse) could really take a bed from Lucy (a med *student*), I'm not sure, but my opinion is that a pregnant woman takes necessity. And let's be serious, they *both* spoke without thinking. Each was too emotionally involved to think about what they were doing or saying. They were both very determined to get that bed for their patient.

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 18, 2000.

Actually Lucy said "You can't do that I'm a doctor and-" and then Carol said "You're what?? You're a med student!" Just wanted to clarify. :o)

-- Dena (dnahltz@aol.com), March 20, 2000.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm such an idiot! I just read what I wrote and I was totally wrong. Someone was talking to me when I was writing it..I'm sorry! I'm very tired. :o) Anyway, my point was that Lucy said "You can't do that, you're a nurse and I'm-" and that's when Carol said "A what? You're a med student!" So Lucy didn't say your "just" a nurse. But I think her point was that just because Carol has been there so long doesn't mean she can go around re-arranging people's spots in the drug rehab to work for her advantage. Granted she didn't know it was Lucy's spot, but I think that Carol was a little harsh with poor Lucy. Of course I could just be hyper-sensative with Lucy since I knew she was going to die when I was watching that episode again. Okay, I'm done. Sorry again. I'll be sure to proof read better next time!

-- Dena (Dnahltz@aol.com), March 20, 2000.

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