What will you NOT compromise on?

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What will you NOT compromise on?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), March 17, 2000


I won't compromise my morals, ethics and private convictions. I won't take the easy way out on things concerning my family. I will probably be an uncompromising Democrat till the day I die and then I will be a dead Democrat.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), March 17, 2000.

I will not compromise on morals or issues that I feel passionately about such as being pro-choice, wanting guns to stop being made, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as poor education and crime in the public school systems. This is starting to sound like a political speech so I will wrap it up. *S*

-- Meg (meghlcl@aol.com), March 17, 2000.

This will be political, sorry. I won't compromise on being pro-life, because it would be no different than compromising to people who say they want the right to kill their already-born children, or they want the right to own slaves, or they want the right to kill all blonde-haired people. I won't compromise on being anti-government regulation. I won't compromise on being pro-gun(taking away the rights of all gun owners because an extremely small percentage of them use guns to kill people is ludicrous). I won't compromise on being against moral relativism/the idea that any lifestyle choice is moral as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. I won't compromise on being pro-rural/anti-city, pro-tradition/anti-(as the times change so should morality and society change).

By the way, in my experience the vast majority of people who post to these online journal message boards are extremely liberal. Anyone have a theory to explain this?

-- JasonM (bulldog2@bigfoot.com), March 17, 2000.

Comment the second, right on bulldog 2 ! On your pondering, I guess it is a liberal spirit that is truly interested in the lives and inner thinking and baring of the soul that journallists and diarists suffer and share.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.com), March 17, 2000.

When I eat a submarine sandwich, I want the meat hanging out the left. NO COMPROMISES!

I also hate using milk past its "expired by" date, although I might compromise by a day, if it still looks okay.

And no loud belching while I'm around, okay?

-- Dave Van (davevan01@hotmail.com), March 17, 2000.

The NRA is not right in calling Clinton a murderer, but I think they do have a valid point in criticizing the government for wanting more and more gun laws when the government is lax in enforcing the gun laws already on the books.

-- Joe Shedlock (joeshedlock@mindspring.com), March 17, 2000.

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