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Hi, I had to work late tonight and miisedd the re-run. My question is was there a preview for next week and could someone tell me a run down of what was shown and discussed.

Thanks Kristen

-- Kristen (, March 17, 2000


It focused on Carter and Mark. It showed Carter returning, on crutches, and looking a bit uncertain. Mark and Carter worked on a couple of traumas, seemingly, with Mark saying things like "Can you handle it?" and "Deal with it" or "Work it out" or something. The voice-over said something like "Is it too soon for one and too much for the other?" implying that Mark gets testy with Carter's shakiness. Maybe someone else can add details I've forgotten.

-- nancy (, March 17, 2000.

At one point he looks shaky, as if he is in incredible pain and may fall over. Carol is there and is very concerned. I think she might grab is arm or something, and asks him if he's okay, then says if an urgent voice that she's going to get Mark.

-- Leigh (, March 17, 2000.

Hello! Most of the preview showed Dr. Carter back at work. He was walking with crutches, one scene showed him in pain while he was working on a patient. Dr. Green tries to help him by saying something like, "Take it easy. It's your first day back, you don't have to prove anything." It talked about Dr. Green being overwhelmed, and the voice over said something to the effect of "Will it be too much for one doctor to handle?" One scene showed Carter opening up his locker and looking at himself in the mirror. Hope this helps!

-- Melanie (, March 17, 2000.

I taped it, watched it a couple of times. Carter comes in from outside on crutches, looking, yes, uncertain, then Mark is shown telling him to take it easy on his first day back, it also shows Carter trying to work on a patient with Carol there and he yells out in pain and Carol asks if he's ok, then it pans back to Carol saying I'm getting Mark. Mark was saying deal with it and snapping at Chen. Hmmm, oh yeah, at the end, when they say is the ER too much for one, they show Mark, then they say and is it too soon for another and it shows Carter going to his locker and opening it then seeing himself in a little mirror inside and he looks pretty, well, I don't know if he's in pain or sad or what, but he's grimacing. I need a life. Anyway, hope this helps.


-- Phantom (, March 17, 2000.

The next preview looks to be like what we're looking for. Carter walks in--handsome as ever--on crutches, Mark tells him to take it easy, that he doesn't need to prove anything. While working on a patient, it seems Carter is in sudden pain and Carol looks concerned and calls for Mark. Then the little background voice guy says that the return of one doctor will test the strength of another (Mark). It shows Mark getting testy with some of the staff (Deb is shown there) and Carter looking helpless, worried, uncertain. Then like Nancy said, the voice guy implies that it may be too much for one (Mark) to deal with and too soon for another (Carter). As they say this, it shows Carter looking in his locker mirror, as if all of a sudden feeling shocked or scared maybe. I am thinking that the last image of Carter was about him freaking out about the memory of the stabbing.

I don't think Mark will directly get testy with Carter (at least I hope not)...I just think it will cause problems that Carter is not really ready to work and Mark will try unsuccessfully to deal with it by getting short with others, because he won't want to with Carter. Poor Carter does not look any happier.

-- Elaine (, March 17, 2000.

Maybe Mark is having flashbacks to his own difficulty coming back to work after a personal trauma ... when he was attacked in the mens' room, he came back to work too soon, everyone told him to take it easy but he wouldn't, and then he freaked out.

-- Cindy (, March 17, 2000.

Plus Mark found out his dad is dying of cancer - that can be overwhelming in itself. BTW, thanks for the preview info -- they don't always show them here on the CTV; plus I haven't watched my tape from last night yet.


-- Michelle (, March 17, 2000.

They did show a preview on CTV. I was nothing like the one on NBC though. It hardly mentioned Carter or Mark - it focused on Carol and a Mother who came in with a sick baby they couldn't seem to save. There was one scene with Carter however - he was standing on his crutches in one of the trauma rooms, there was somone on a gurney (sp), who flatlined and he says , "We're not just going to stand here and let him crash (or code - I don't really know the terminology)", or something like that.

-- Shauna (, March 18, 2000.

Wow, what Shauna said about Carter sounds too much like what the tabloids say...that Carter will refuse to let anyone die on his shift. This doesn't sounds quite as dramatic, but I was really doubting whether the tabloids were true, I still think they won't happen, but who knows.

-- Elaine (, March 19, 2000.

Yes Elaine, and Shauna seems to have gotten a preview of a possible trigger for Carol's departure. I can see how Carol losing a baby would just fuel her need to leave. What do you think?

-- MAX (, March 19, 2000.

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