Census long form OMB number proves that long form is for people living in Puerto Rico and NOT for people living in the USA!!!!

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This is magnificient disclosure of U.S. Government fraud!!! This is prima facia evidence of the continued corruption that the government is trying to dish out to us.

Folks, you all ought to bombard your Congressmen, Senators, Governors and anyone you know in the press or in places of influence with your indignation over this attempted fraud. Let's bring this outrage to a halt.

> LETTER Regarding the Census > You never give up! And that encourages those among us who > often have had enough.

> The Census has been bothering me a lot also. I read the > part of the "Long Form" -- as much as I could stomach. It > was clear even before seeing your postings that something > was very wrong. > The long form is NOT required to be filled out AT ALL, at > least not by people residing outside PUERTO RICO. > Proof:

> 1. The form number for the long form (at least the one I > have which was sent to an address in ALABAMA) is "Form D- > 2(UL)". The title of the form is "United States Census > 2000". > 2. The form states at the top: "This is the official form > for all the people at this address. It is quick and easy > and your answers are protected by law...." Note that this > means that if THIS FORM is not valid and the above language > is correct, there is NO FORM for conducting the census for > the people living at the address contained on the form. > Also note that the form is supposedly "quick and easy" even > though it is 38 PAGES LONG. > 3. At the bottom right of the front page of the long form > is written "OMB No. 0607-0856: Approval expires > 12/31/2000".

> 4. On the bottom of page 2 of Form D-2(UL) it states that > "The Census Bureau estimates that, for the average > household, this form will take about 38 minutes to > complete...." That doesn't sound very quick, but then > exactly what form or part of the form are they talking > about? > 5. The next paragraph on Page 2 (a single sentence) is > the key: "Respondents are not required to respond to any > information collection unless it displays a valid approval > number from the Office of Management and Budget." > Now, as you know, we have already been down the OMB number > road with the 1040. But guess what? They did it again! > I went to the official OMB site and looked up the OMB > The site is: > http://www.whitehouse.gov/library/omb/OMBINVC.HTM#Department > of Commerce

> Here is the exact information found on the site for this > number:

> ================================================== > OMB NO: 0607-0856 EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2000 > RESPS:106,200,000 HOURS:26,761,200 COSTS(000):$0 > United States Census 2000 > FORMS: D-1 D-1(E) D-1(E)SUPP D-1(HF) D-1(UL) D-1A(UL) D-2 D- > 2(E) > D-2(E)SUPP D-2(HF)\ > ==================================================

> Note that the Form Name, "United States Census 2000" and the > expiration date are the same as on the form D-2(UL). > However, as you will note, form D-2(UL) is NOT LISTED. > Therefore, OMB No. 0607-0856 is NOT a valid OMB number and > no one receiving it with THAT NUMBER on it is required to > fill it out. Since, according to page 1, "This is the > official form for all the people at this address", there > must be NO VALID FORM for anyone who receives the long form, > D-2(UL). > The next finding is even more amazing. As I was cutting and > pasting the above from the OMB site, my eyes glanced down. > BELOW the listing for 0607-0856 I found Form D-2(UL) listed > under OMB NO: 0607-0858, titled "Census 2000 -- Puerto > Rico". However, take a GOOD LOOK at the information for > this OMB number: > ======================================================= > OMB NO: 0607-0858 EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2000 > RESPS:1,400,000 HOURS:453,504 COSTS(000):$0 > Census 2000 -- Puerto Rico > FORMS: D-1(UL)(PR) D-1(UL)(PR)(S) D-1(E)(PR) D-1(E)(PR)(S) > D-1(E)SUPP(PR) D-1(HF)(PR) D-1(HF)(PR)(S) D-2(UL)(PR) > D-2(UL)(PR)(S)\ > ======================================================= > This means that the D-2(UL) is AT BEST required for > residents of Puerto Rico. I guess that Congress can do > what it wants to with respect to Puerto Rico since Puerto > Rico is a Federal State "included" as part of the "United > States", which Alabama is NOT.

> At MOST, I would only complete the "Number of People" > section of the long form which is contained on the first > page of the form. This complies with the SOLE PURPOSE of > the Census as contained in law. > Answering any other questions appears to be totally > voluntary. > Let me know what you think about this and of course, get the > word out as appropriate to your readers.

> P.S.: It should take about two minutes to read this e-mail > AND complete the only required sections ("Number of people") > of the long form. According to OMB estimates, getting this > information out to EVERYONE could save people living in the > 50 supposedly sovereign states some estimated 25 MILLION > HOURS. Of course that might allow them time to find out > about the massive fraud about to be perpetrated on us AGAIN > on April 15th. > > -> Send "subscribe snetnews " to majordomo@world.std.com

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