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Reno Shoots Back at NRA E-Mail This Article Printer-Friendly Version By David A. Vise Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, March 16, 2000; 1:04 PM

Attorney General Janet Reno today vigorously defended the Clinton administration against attacks by officials of the National Rifle Association, who have alleged that the recent spree of killings resulted from the administration's failure to enforce existing gun laws.

"I have heard an awful lot in the last seven years, but that's about the worst rhetoric that I have heard," Reno said during her weekly press briefing. "I don't know of any president that has worked so hard to make this a less violent nation, a more peaceful nation, a nation where its children can grow in a strong, peaceful, safe constructive way."

Reno said the NRA needs to stop the rhetoric  which has included statements about the government having blood on its hands for failing to enforce the law  and focus instead on working with government officials to diminish violence.

"I think the time has come to say this: Nobody wants somebody to get hurt. If we can prevent somebody from being shot, let us prevent it. Let us not focus on prosecuting afterward. Let us do what we can to prevent it  I believe that even the NRA in its most intense version doesn't want people to be killed; it doesn't want guns in the hands of people who don't know how to use them; it doesn't want guns in the hands of felons. Let us work together to prevent it, wherever we can, but let us not continue this horrible rhetoric that serves no purpose whatsoever."

Reno cited bipartisan accomplishments to fight violent crime, which actually has been dropping in recent years despite publicity about high profile killings involving teenagers and children.

"We have seen a nation come together in so many ways; Republican governors standing with me and with Republican sheriffs and Democratic U.S. attorneys, working together without political rhetoric, to bring violence down in communities," Reno said.

Asked about rumors that she planned to leave office before the Clinton administration's term ends next year, and any connection between those rumors and the announcement by Miami Dolphins Quaterback Dan Marino that he will retire from the National Football League, the former Miami prosecutor quipped, "It's interesting, because some people call me Ms. Ma-reno."

Following in the sports mode, Reno, a loyal Floridian, was asked for her pick in the NCAA basketball tournament that begins today. Both the University of Miami and the University of Florida are in the tournament.

"I have a very objective view of my three Florida teams, the Hurricanes, the Seminoles, and the Gators," Reno said. "I take each game where they play each other on a case-by-case basis  [laughter]  and I decide who's the underdog, who's fought hardest for it, who's been the best sport, and then I make a decision as to who I'm supporting."

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-- suzy (, March 16, 2000


Suzy, You dont get enough sleep, do you?

I'ts ok now. The .gov isn't going to shoot you and Nancy.

-- (, March 16, 2000.

Too bad Randy Weaver doesn't post on this forum, I'd like to hear his opinion of .gov's benevolence to the populous.


-- Someone (, March 17, 2000.

Q: Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? A: Janet Reno is her father.

-- A (, March 17, 2000.

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