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I think that the people on the show that have smaller parts are excellent. i absolutely LOVE Chuney, i think she does a wonderful job. I also like all the others. They play their parts so well. I dont know for sure if they do or not but do they go to the award shows? I think the definitly should! There a part of the show just as much as the main people. Sorry i dragged this on, but i just wanted to see hoe other people feel on these characters

-- Jess (, March 16, 2000


Absolutely! Rather than introduce new characters, the writers should've expanded the current "minor" characters already in the wings. While I'm sure the actors/actresses are glad to have any airtime, I'm also sure they would love to explore their 'acting muscles'. I enjoy the personalities of all the nurses (especially Malik, Chuny, & Haleh) and also the desk clerks. The only times I can think they've drawn out the 'minor' characters were when Chuny and Mark were dating, and Jerry at various times.

With Carol leaving, there will be no major nurse-character, so I think the producers should use this summer as an oppotunity to dump some doctors (i.e. Deb & Malucci) and promote a nurse or two! Nurses are just as important to the patient as doctors.

-- AmyE (, March 16, 2000.

I agree! The nurses and other "minor" characters are all top notch. I feel sorry for them...they do so much work and I'm sure no one even knows what their names are in real life! (I know I don't)

-- amanda (, March 16, 2000.

i totally agree! some of the nurses have been on there for all 6 seasons and they still are not as big roles as some recent joining characters!

-- rachel (, March 16, 2000.

I know, I love the "minor" characters!! With JM leaving, I fear the roles of the nurses may become almost obsolete. Remember the days of gossip, the sick-off, and cheers after Carol told them that shade of peach as no longer being made? *sigh*

-- Leigh (, March 17, 2000.

I am all for making Chuney a regular. And they NEED to bring back Jerry and have Randi on more often.

Jess--I specifically remember an awards show, I don't remember which one, where the actress playing Chuney was on stage with the cast, as well as a few other minor characters. Anthony Edwards, I think, introduced them so as to acknowledge them too.

-- Elaine (, March 17, 2000.

Wow, you're reading my mind; I was thinking about that topic last night. I have always loved the nurses and wished that one episode would have all of them as the main characters with the regulars as back up. You know? Let's see Malik coming to work and talking with Conni, etc. It'd be different.

Like Leigh said above, I loved the nurses meetings, etc. They were brief, but they added so much texture to the show. Yosh has been a great later addition!

-- Larry (, March 17, 2000.

Does anyone know of a place on the web where I can go to read about the nurses and other supporting cast? I was thinking about this before this thread came up. I love Yosh.

-- Felicity (, March 17, 2000.

I agree with all the above posts; I've been riding a "campaign of one" for this since almost the beginning. In the very first year of the show, there was a brief publicity tour promoting the "nurses of ER-" a WASHINGTON POST article, some brief talk show appearances, etc. made by Ellen Crawford (Lydia), Yvette Freeman (Haleh), and Conni Brazelton (Conni). They usually appeared as a group, and always acknowledged the immeasuable contribution that nurses make in real life. (My mom was a 30-year R.N. at Childrens Hospital in Washington, DC, and she used to always tell me stories about how under-recognized the nurses are.) I'd love to see either Haleh or Lydia become the head nurse after Carol's departure!!

-- Chris A. (, March 17, 2000.

I totally agree with Chris...promote one of the nurses that is already there to head nurse when Carol leaves. We really don't need a new character and as we have all said, we'd love to see more of these supporting characters!!

-- amanda (, March 17, 2000.

There is a McDonald's commercial with one of the nurses. She's talking to some guy at a table about moving from the fry center to making the Big Extra burgers or something like that. I think it's Conni, but I don't know the names of nurses that well. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about and can correct me.

-- Jamie (, March 17, 2000.

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