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8 die in Russian gas explosion

MOSCOW, Feb 8 [2000] : At least eight people were killed and ten injured in a suspected gas explosion overnight at a residential apartment block in the city of Kabarovsk, in Russia's Far East, the Itar Tass news agency cited emergency services as saying today, reports AFP.The residents of the five storied building were evacuated by police and firemen who arrived shortly after the blast which caused a fire in the building. The explosion was apparently caused by a gas leak in one of the apartments, the emergency services said.

Source: The Independent

-- Lee Maloney (, March 16, 2000



For the past two days (Tues. and Wed.) CTV in Canada has been showing pictures of a huge oil refinery fire in Russia...but I can find nothing about it online. I haven't seen it reported here, either.

-- Rachel Gibson (, March 16, 2000.

Rachel -

I'm still searching international newspapers. So far, nothing here either.

At the end of January, Chechnyan oil wells and refineries were burning after the Russian bombing. What you saw on television could be those refineries or a new incident altogether. Thanks!

-- Lee Maloney (, March 17, 2000.

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