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Published Thursday, March 16, 2000, in the Herald-Leader

School officials work to correct spending figures


After sending out bad information to parents, Fayette County school officials are going back to the drawing board to determine how much money is spent on each student.

School report cards were sent to parents in January that included figures for the average spending per student at each school. But those numbers were wrong.

The district used a different method to calculate the figures than directed by the Kentucky Department of Education, district officials said. Budget officials also have said the calculations were based on the wrong year's data.

District officials met with state officials Tuesday to discuss a way to correct the information and are working to align the district's methods with the state. The corrected figures will be available to schools and parents by March 31, said Karolyn Kell, spokeswoman for the district.

A pilot program in its first year, the report cards were designed to give parents valuable information about their children's schools, such as test scores, teacher qualifications and safety data.

A mistake such as this could cost the district next year. The state will regulate the process and would order the district to reprint and redistribute the more than 29,000 reports if there are errors.

-- (, March 16, 2000

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