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After watching Carter and Lucy being treated in the ER, I started remembering all the various times in the past that ER main cast members have ended up as patients in their own hospital. In addition to Carter/Lucy, there was Benton(appy), Mark (assault), Kerry (grand mal seizure), Jeanie (car accident), Anna (bone marrow donor), Carol (suicide attempt), and Romano (kidney stones). Which leaves (with the exception of all the newbies) Susan, Doug, (unless you count the head lac after the aforementioned car accident), and Lizzie as the only "lucky" cast members. Since Doug and Susan are history, I'd watch out if I were Elizabeth. . . :) Am I forgetting anything?

-- joy (, March 16, 2000


There were also a number of freak accident type things...Jerry blowing the place up, the oxygen cannister wreaking havoc, power outages...yes, I think Elizabeth should be very very afraid...Had someone mentioned in some tabloid spoiler post something about the possibility of someone being raped? If so, the possibility of it being Elizabeth (and maybe involving Romano, given their history, though I don't want to think of him as evil incarnate) could be interesting. I'm not sure...her storyline with that serial killer showed incredible toughness on her part. An episode in which she's attacked could prove to be very dramatic, if incredibly difficult to watch. And then her involvement with Mark, with his past attack and all, might become all the more interesting.

Someone said that when the cast members were on the Rosie show, Wylie was saying something about how the characters shine in difficult situations or something like that. That may be true but I don't think I want too much more pain and violence this season.

-- nancy (, March 16, 2000.

possible spoiler * * * * * * * * * * * * Actually the Star says that a *nurse* is raped. So that rules out Elizabeth, thank god. Doubt its Carol because they would have just said Carol, not "a nurse". If said spoiler is true, that leaves Haleh, Lydia, Lily, and Chuny. I adore please let it not be.

-- - (, March 16, 2000.

I bet that MAYBE one day Dr. Dave will come in there because he will have a wreck on his bike and he will need a head CT because he never wears a helmet!!! Not that I would want that to happen, because I am starting to like Dr. Dave. But several times they have showed him riding his bike, and Dr. Green makes a point of how he doesn't wear a helmet. Food for thought!

-- Melanie (, March 17, 2000.

Although, because it was said that a "nurse" gets raped (no specific name given), it probably isn't Carol, that would certainly give her a reason to leave Chicago. Feeling that the ER is dangerous and needing the emotional support from somebody she knows and trusts (Doug), and probably wanting to leave all of the bad memories of Chicago behind and protect her daughters, it would be completely plausible for her to leave, it would even explain "The Star"'s reported "meltdown." But I digress, because I believe she's suffered enough!!

If it's another nurse that is raped, that also could instill a certain fear in Carol, for her well-being and also the safety of her two small daughters. Since I don't remember ever being told if she is or is not ER charge nurse anymore (I know she lost managment of the clinic, but I'm still unclear of the whole matter), and she still seems to be in charge, this could pave the way for one of the minor characters to take over the job.

-- Leigh (, March 17, 2000.

I know this is basically off your original comments, Joy, but I think it ended up being in everyone elses. Nancy, I am with you. I read the rape spoiler, and thought then as I do now...NO MORE MAJOR TRAUMA THIS SEASON!! I think another character having some horribly traumatic event in their life this season would be overkill! (No pun intended) :) I admit a rape would make an interesting story line, but I don't think I could handle something horrible happening to another character -- especially since I like all of them for one reason or another. Also, since it is supposed to possibly involve a staff member as the rapist, I can't bear the thought that one of the staffers is evil.

-- kristal (, March 28, 2000.

Don't forget, Kristal, that possible spoiler came from THE STAR!?!?

-- Diana (, March 28, 2000.

Well, lets not forget the time Ricky's father punched Doug and he had to get stitches, Carol also had Tess and Kate, Jing-Mei had Michael, Elizabeth had Ella, Abby got bitten on her first day, Dave had that IV when he had the flu ("I got it coning out both ends, Chief."~ Dave, Abby Road"), Luka got hit on the head by that mugger and had to have stitches, and Cleo has now had the HIV scare in "Rampage." If I were Susan, since she is the only one left, I would be VERY,VERY careful when she once again works at County beginning in season 8.

-- Teddy (, June 28, 2001.

I forgot that Dave was punched when he was investigating that back- room pharmacy, and got a black eye. I(I forget the episode- The one where Peter first asked Cleo out.)

-- Teddy (, September 02, 2001.

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