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Russian Crash Plane Not De-Iced

The Yak-40 plane that crashed at the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow on March 9, had not been treated with deicing liquid in violation of rules, investigators from the Inter-state Aviation Committee (MAK) said yesterday.

The crash killed all nine people aboard, including Artyom Borovik, a journalist and president of Sovershenno Sekretno media holding, and Ziya Bazhayev, president of the oil company Gruppa Alyans.

The probe also revealed that the plane was taking off with "a non-standard flap position." Commission experts found out at the crash site that the flap angle was 10 degrees, the normal take-off angle being 20 degrees, according to the ITAR/TASS News Agency.

MAK deputy chairman Rudolf Teimurazov said these factors may have caused uncontrollable listing after the take-off. The crew was trying to pull up but failed.

The investigators found out that the flaps that adjust listing were functioning synchronously, or had the same angles, the agency said.

Asked what caused the banking, Teimurazov said "this is what we are trying to find out."

Some of essential engine data and list angle were missing in the flight data recorders, one of which had a burnt-out fuse.


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