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Do you guys really think she would freak out if Carter attempted suicide? I think she's gotten a lot stronger. Besides, she and Carter are not close. She handled the school girl's OD just fine and she was a contributing factor in that OD! She must've been emotionally involved with that situation or she wouldn't have gone looking for her in the first place.

Has anyone considered she might just find it too difficult to be a single parent of multiples while working 12 hour shifts in such a highly charged atmosphere. Maybe she's leaving for an easier job. Just a thought...

-- Linda (, March 15, 2000


Prior to me writing this responses I was going around saying the star was just a tabloid, but I broke down and bought one.


Anyway what it said about Carols leaving was that during a barbeque on the roof, she finds her self attracted to Luka and then eventually ends up in his arms, kisssing, only to realize that it is Doug she wants. This next part seemed sorta out of characterbut it said that she then suddenly quit. The last episode it says that she comes back and apoligizes about her out burst. She then announces that she has spoken to Doug and they have decideed to get married and that she will be going to Portland to live with Doug and to raise the girls together.

A reminder that this is coming from a tabloid, and Linda what I wrote on the other Question was sorta out of character, but I was just making it up and thought that it was sorta a neat idea.


-- Amy (, March 15, 2000.

I also picked up the tabloid while waiting on line at the grocery store - the one thing I noticed was it didn't say anything about Carol and Doug getting married - just Carol was moving to Seattle so they could raise the girls together. Sort of open to interpretation. Does anyone know if these tabloids are acurate about these things?

-- Chava (, March 15, 2000.

I think you're right, Carol's departure probably won't have anything to do with Carter's supposed suicide attempt, unless it leads her to realize what a dangerous place County can be (think of shoot outs, whizzing oxygen tanks, poisonous gas contaminations, and the myriad other bizarro happenings there).

I'm starting to like that Carol might stumble into a kiss with Luka. Remember that paramedic she kissed the night Doug was going to elope with her? She's capable of such's more in keeping with who she is, I's like the misplaced kisses lead to clarity with her.

-- nancy (, March 15, 2000.

I REALLY don't think Carter is going to commit suicide. I mean, I guess it is possible, and it would attract a lot of attention, but that's a little much. And I think Carol will most likely leave due to the stresses of mothering 2 children.

Also, someone said Carol and Carter have not been close, but when he was a med student she was always the one to go talk to him about the tortures of working under Benton, and any other problems he had. Maybe they've been concentrating on different things, but I think they would both be there for each other if they needed it.

-- Elaine (, March 15, 2000.

I honestly don't remember her being someone who comforted Carter. Must have been 1st season when I was not a big ER watcher. I'll try to pay more attention to the re-runs. Thanks for the response to my thread!!

-- Linda (, March 15, 2000.

Carol gave Carter a little pep talk at the end of "Welcome Back Carter".

-- - (, March 16, 2000.

All I can say is that they better start making a story line that leads up to her far this season she has not had much. If she is going to leave because of the stresses of working such long shifts and being a single mother then they need to start showing the effect on her (they have had a couple of little hints, but not much). I just hope they don't all of sudden throw it in there. I hope these last 5 or 6 episodes really get into her leaving!

-- amanda (, March 16, 2000.

I'm not sure how reliable that story from "The Star" is, though Carter's suspected suicide may or may not figure into her departure. If the Carter part is true, maybe she thinks back to her place six years ago and where she is now, and this may lead her to realizing what she wants (Doug). Sadly what somebody stated above seems to be true, misplaced kisses lead her to clarity with her personal life. Frankly, though, I'd rather have her kiss Malucci than Luka!! (Don't worry, I don't hate him.)

Anyhow, what "The Star" reported seems very out-of-character. Having Doug RETURN, Carol weighing the pros and cons of the two different directions her life can take, going to Mark for advice/somebody to listen, etc. would be more likely. Let's hope TPTB make the smart move!!

-- Leigh (, March 17, 2000.

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