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At 10:20 this morning, while outside, I noticed several spread-out contrail remains in the sky over Chico, CA. What had started as a clear blue sky in the early A.M. had now turned hazy. There were perhaps 4 chemtrail remnants not quite overhead and drifting to the east. About 11:00 I noticed a plane leaving a chemtrail. It was heading in a southerly direction, at a different angle from the other traces. I'm not properly knowledgeable to estimate height but if I'd had binoculars I could have identified the plane (if I had the knowledge), meaning it wasn't 30,000 feet. It appeared to be moving rather slowly also. When I checked again, a few minutes later, the plane was gone and the chemtrail had a definite stop point, same as the beginning point in the north. With an arm outstretched the stop and start point was one fist above the horizon. The chemtrail lingered, expanding. Then I noticed another plane flying the same path. It too left a contrail, a short line trailing the plan and which dissipated quickly. The plane seemed to be flying above the chemtrail.

Temperature is probably about 72 or 74, not much of a breeze. The chemtrail stuff drifts to the east.

Perhaps these planes are dumping antihistamines to help allergy sufferers now that the orchards hereabouts are starting to bloom?

-- johno (, March 15, 2000


Last weekend I noticed that there were a LOT of trails here in central Iowa, but while I was watching one being formed, I noticed ANOTHER jet underneath (lower) than the "sprayer" was a DULL gray color, and it wasn't leaving ANY trail whatsoever! Maybe TBTB have been using chemtrails to hide military plane movements from the probing eyes of the many satellites...? I sure wish I would have had binoculars or a telescope so I could have seen what else was going on up there!!!

-- Ken (, March 15, 2000.

It may very well be antihistamines that they are dropping. The best way is get your binoculars and look closely at the bottom of the plane. If it says "PFIZER" or "SmithKlineBeecham" on the bottom of the plane, it's a good chance that it is distributing antihistamine spray.

Watch out if they are dropping antibiotics, though. My mom's uncles' brother's friend was killed by a 600 pound amoxicillin pill dropped from a black plane several years ago. You don't see that very often.

Also, it's hard to believe that there would be a hazy day in California. It is possible that one of the L.A. designated contrail smog-creator planes that fly every morning to create haze in smog in Los Angeles accidentally missed its mark.

Keep up the good work. Keep your eyes to the skies and your feet on the ground, but watch for oncoming traffic.

-- CJS (, March 15, 2000.

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