MicroTec and Seth Moore

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In the eighties, MicoTec Industries at San Diago CA was quite active in subminiature photography business, selling Minox/ACMEL camera, accesories respooled 8x11mm film and film mailer. It is a pity that the book "Spycamera" did not mentioned a word about MicroTec.

Seth Moore who run MicroTec is a subminiature collector, he owned many rare colored Tessina spy cameras.

MicroTec played a role in supporting the submini format.

MicroTec went out of business due to not enough subminiature users.

For a short period of time, Seth Moore participated in Submini-list, and sold his stock of Minox accesories using jb007 email address ( James Bond 007); some times Seth sold ACMEL cassettes at eBay. By now probably great part of his stock were gone. It is said that Seth Moore moved to Fairborn Ohio near Wright Patterson Air Base, probably doing goverment works now.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), March 15, 2000

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