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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 19:08:17 -0600 From: D Murray To:

February 15, 2000 To: All Executive Members of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation

Today, Tuesday, February 15, 2000, is a day which, when the true record of our times is written, will be noted as one of the critical days in the history of humanity.

On this day in the City of Winnipeg a brave Canadian solider goes to a Military Court Martial for refusing to pull the pin on a biological hand grenade and hold it against his chest. Sergeant Mike Kipling is being prosecuted by Canadas incompetent and insidious Military for refusing to submit to their command that he allow them to vaccinate him with an unlicensed, unproven and unsafe anthrax vaccine.

Following the lead of their American Military mentors, the Canadian Military is prepared to ignore the human rights of the forces under their command. The vaccine in question is an experimental vaccine , yet President Clinton, Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, recently signed Executive Order 13139 which states that the Military may command their forces to accept a vaccine which has not been approved for safety or effectiveness by the Federal Drug Administration.

Sergeant Kipling was always ready to face Canadas enemies anywhere in the world. He did not realize that some of those enemies might well occupy offices in the North Tower of Canadian National Defence Headquarters at 101 Colonel by Drive, Ottawa.

The United States Military developed a weaponized anthrax strain , which they then provided to Iraq beginning on May 2, 1986 for Iraqs use against Iran. On the latter date the shipments began with  Bacillus Anthracis Cohn (ATCC 10) Batch #08-20-82 (2 each) 

The same Military also shipped several batches of weaponized brucellosis strains to Iraq beginning on the same day. At Hearings before the Committee on Banking, housing and Urban Affairs of the United States Senate on May 25, 1994, the Military admitted that the brucella agents could causechronic fatique , loss of appetite , profuse sweating when at rest , pain in joints and muscles , insomnia , nausea , and damage to major organs .  ie: Gulf War illnesses.

The evidence is very clear that Saddam Hussein forced a halt to the Desert Storm offensive by firing brucella-armed SCUD missiles at the Allied Forces. It was also obvious that if this devastating, disabling weapon did not stop the attack, that a volley of anthrax- armed missiles would follow with a ten percent fatality rate. The brucella- armed SCUDS caused 100,000 Allied casualties with a range of symptoms now known as Gulf War Illness.

The desperately ill Gulf War Victims were betrayed by their Military Commanders , because the latter knew who had provided the pathogen to Iraq. Hence, for a decade now courageous young Canadians like nurse Lt. Louise Richard and the late Captain Terry Riordan were abandoned by the Canadian Military. When she asked for treatment for her Gulf War Illness, Lt. Richard was told by the Department of Veterans Affairs that she would have to pay for it herself.

Now, the folks who brought us the Gulf War Illnesses and who betrayed the trust of our young people, demand the right to shoot up members of our Armed Forces with an anthrax vaccine that the United States Federal Drug Agency will not approve for human use.

The Canadian Military is taking its orders from their U.S counterparts, as witness the fact that the Canadian Head of Medical Services sent copies of a memo on the subject, prepared for his Commander-in-Chief ( Gen. Baril ) to Captain K.C Hyams of the United States Navy Biowar facility at Bethesda, MD and to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, but did not send a copy to the Canadian Department of Veteran Affairs.

Who was Sergeant Kipling serving? , The people of Canada or President Bill Clinton? This letter is to emphasize that our Common Cause Medical Research Foundation is in the front lines of resistance to the United States Military juggernaut, and its Canadian subsidiary : The Department of National Defence. One of Sergeant Kiplings most effective civilian allies is Rose Stevens, our Director of Vaccine Safety Concerns and a key member of the Mike Kipling Defense Fund headed by the Eagle Foundation. The Director of the Common Cause Gulf War Illnesses Concerns Committee ( Canada ) is Lt. Louise Richard. Louise is and has been together with Mrs. Sue Riordan , one of the leading spokespersons for Gulf War Veterans. Ms. Richards American counterpart in our Common Cause Foundation is Captain Joyce ORielly.

Our Director of Lyme Disease concerns is Ms. Marjorie Tietjen of Killingsworth, Connecticut. Lyme Disease was developed by the United States Military on the Department of Agriculture administered property at Plum Islandjust 12 miles from Old Lyme CT, where the disease of that name first escaped into the civilian population. Ms. Tietjen has been one of the leaders in Connecticut who are opposing the intensification of Military biological weapons development on Plum Island.

Finally, and in many ways most significantly , our Director of AIDS Concerns, Mr. Ed Graves of Cleveland , Ohio is the Plaintiff in a lawsuit now in the Courts of the United States against President Bill Clinton as the Head of the Executive Branch of Government for the developing testing and deployment of the AIDS virus throughout the world as a population growth control measure. The case was initially thrown out of court, but the Judicial Review Committee of Ohio has ordered it returned to the docket for proper adjudication as Case #99-4476.

The evidence that Mr. Graves has marshaled with the help of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation is beyond reproach. Official document after official document of the U.S Government establishes that the AIDS virus was created in American Military and Military- controlled laboratories.

All of these struggles may appear to be separate struggles, but at source they are all one. Sergeant Kiplings refusal to take an unproven vaccine ; Lt. Richards attempts to pressure the Canadian Military to stop its betrayal of Gulf War Veterans ; Marjorie Tietjens resistance to Plum Island Biological Warfare Research expansion ; Mr. Ed Boyds lawsuit against President Clinton for the development, testing , and deployment of AIDS are all aspects of humanitys resistance to the Military-Industrial Complex.

And, in every one of these great areas of challenge, a key Executive Member of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation is providing leadership, scientific evidence and courage.

So, on this day when the Canadian Military tries to assert its right to persecute a loyal Canadian, I send this message to all of the Executive of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation. In doing so, I am minded of the Allied Commander on the Western Front in World War One. His entire force was pinned down in bunkers, enduring a tremendous enemy bombardment.

The Commander had only one opportunity to send a message to his loyal forces.a message that must encourage continued endurance and faith that the right would ultimately he penned this message  Gentlemen ,when the barrage lifts

To Sergeant Kipling and Rose Stevens ; to Lt. Richard and Sue Riordan ; to Margorie Tietjen ; and to Ed Graves I presume to send the same message, altered by the addition of just two words: Ladies and Gentlemen , when the barrage lifts..

With love to all of you, I am Yours Sincerely, Donald W. Scott, MA.,MSc. President : The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation cc: Prime Minister , The Honourable Jean Chretien, M.P. President , The Honourable Bill Clinton Media

Please accept this email on behalf of The Common Cause Foundation. For further information please contact: Donald W. Scott, MA.,MSc. President Ph: 705-670-0180 The Common Cause FOUNDATION Sudbury,Ontario 405-190 Mountain St Canada P3B 4G2

-- Jan Nickerson (, March 15, 2000

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