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It is by know clear that the world is sitting on the brink waiting for the nation of Taiwan to decide it's future. Never has a nation been allowed to be under such duress. The threat of Nuclear war against anyone should not be tolerated.

It is the words and deeds of a hitler like govt to even think to wage that type of threat to any nation or people on our planet.

It is now time for a very resolute strong leadership action by the world body. # 1 Any threat of the use of that type of force should mean that it will not be business as usual until this stuff is resolved. We all live on one very fragile planet that will die if nuclear war breaks out.

This is nothing to play with no matter what. If the world leaders love there kids they wont let this thing go to an end game.

This is a message to The leaders of China DONT DO IT. You Cant win a nuclear war. Everybody loses, the world would perish and everyone would cease to exist. In other words that action would be suicide for your nation and the planet.

The Chinese are a better people than that, so much talent and beauty to offer the world, why waste it. War is ugly and has never been a way to fix things.

Think LOVE and give peace and national flexability a chance. Look into your children's eyes and say I will work for Peace.

-- y2k aware mike (y2k aware mike @ conservation . com), March 15, 2000


y2k aware Mike---I share your anxiety and am terribly worried after reading China's White Paper about annexing Taiwan and using nukes if the US intervenes....we have 2 carriers in the area but it seems that the Chinese subs are not in their usual location. How come we don't hear anything about this threat on the news??

-- Annie (, March 15, 2000.

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