Hey folks, let's give LL a rest !!!

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As one of LL's most persistent detractors I feel it's time to end it..... truce Lady :-)

Give her a chance to do something besides defend herself, cyber bullets and kicked knees do nothing to anybody in real life..... give it a rest !!!!!

-- Netgoust (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000


Oops..... typo :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000.

Truce, dude :-)

I'm 'bout ready to call it a day, though.

(Sorry, but I'm afraid you'll never know how much I agreed with you on so many issues!!)

Take care, my dear. I truly respect your intellectual property :-)


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.


Typo, too!!


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.

Did you open the attachment?.... that was my truce :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000.


I'm terrified of .exe!!!

(Can you send it without my having to downloaded it?)


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.

It was an IPG file..... no exe.... it is safe :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000.

Ok, I'll check it out in the morning :o)

Nite, babe.


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.

K..... just don't tell Creeper :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000.

Couldn't wait 'till tomorrow,

Nice place, nice face...I just don't get it???

(Guess I'm too new to the game.)


-- Laura (Ladylogic@....), March 15, 2000.

K :-)


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.

Just a symbel of a truce :-) So you would know I wasn't,,,,,,,,, etc :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 15, 2000.

Why don't ya two just get a room?????

-- Porky (Porky@in.cellblockD), March 15, 2000.

{{{{{{passing a motel 6 voucher to net and ll{{{{{{{{{{{ here....

-- consumer (shh@aol.com), March 15, 2000.

Gee, that truce didn't last long. Catch LL's new thread threatening Netghost. Some things never change...

No, LL. Netghost is still not Lisa. About you becoming a cyber P.I.? Better keep your day job, babe. Ooops! That's right...you don't have a job!!

-- (What@dip.sh*t), March 15, 2000.

I don't need a job. You however, must be living off your parents.

How long can that last?

(You can't imagine how much I'm enjoying this.)

VBSS (Very big, smug smile)


-- Laura (Ladylogic@...), March 15, 2000.

K..... Laura, what's the deal? :-)

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), March 16, 2000.

Yes she needs a rest, insult overload, must be permanent PMT

didn't realise convents had access to the net

whats this

black white black white thump

LL falling downstairs

yes I've descended to your level

when in Rome...

-- richard (richard.dale@onion.com), March 16, 2000.

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