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I have always wanted a Ducati 748, but ever since the introduction of the MV Agusta F4 to the public I have been mesmerized by it. I saw the Art of the Motorcycle at the Guggenheim and was even more impressed when I saw the exhibits centerpiece, a 1 out of 300 MV Agusta F4 Oro. I have also seen Mr. Ferracci's(Fast by Ferracci) MV F4 Oro in person. I believe he has #21 of 300, the first 20 were test bikes and not sold. I have read most of the early articles in the U.K. Bike magazines.

I am currently on list to receive an MV F4 Strada. Hopefully a biposto, but whatever is availabe I am taking!

-- J.S (, March 14, 2000


I was wondering when someone would start a maillist or forum devoted to MV. Since I have neither the ablility or the time I glad to see someone did! I have been waiting years to be able to take delivery of a new MV. Ever since it was first hinted in the press as a 4cyl Cagiva. I have correspondence dated 1994 from the then President of Cagiva NA regarding the bike. I hope the forum takes off. Although until some of us actually receive the bikes there is not a lot to discuss! In a moment of insanity I ordered a Yamaha R1 when they were first introduced. Same show as the MV in fact. I duly signed on to the R1 forum and endured constant discussion of how much everybody paid, when is it coming?, when is it coming, does it make 130 or 132 horsepower? It was tedious amount of mastrabatory discussion. I look forward to picking up my new MV when the dealer calls and tells me its in. I have had several other machines designed and or constructed by the same people responsible for the MV and enjoyed them all. I'm sure I will be delighted with the MV. Regards, Scott Rothermel

-- Scott Rothermel (, March 15, 2000.

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