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I was wondering how long the "new assignment" is supposed to be (approximately)...and if it has to be in a certain format, i.e.- APA style. Also does the article have to deal with communications? Thank You

-- Kimberly Berardo (, March 14, 2000


Hi, Kimberly and others-

The assignment requires at least 9 paragraphs. So, it would be 5-10 pages. The absolute length is up to you, but you will not be penalized for short pages, as long as you don't skip all the requirements. You need to understand the portion of the textbook on "reliability," "vailidity," "how research can be biased," and so on. Do not put yourself in it. I mean that you don't need to agree or disagree with the result of the study and don't have to praise the article. Rather, you judge the article based on the criteria found in the textbook (logic and empricial evidence).

As long as you be consistant, any style is ok. But, APA style is preferred.

And yes, communication study is preferred.


-- hyo kim (, March 14, 2000.

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