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Driving North on Interstate 75 from FL today, I witnessed a chemtrail spectacle as I approached the FL/GA border, which was at around 1 PM. These trails (numbering in the hundreds) seemed to begin around five miles south of that border, and continued to around 15 miles north of that border. Looking east, the trails extended as far as one could see from IS 75. Looking west, the trails extended about half way to the horizon.

When I stopped for gas in a town just north of the border, I picked up one of those cheapie one-use cameras and took a couple dozen photos of the sky. Once they are developed, I will try to arrange to have them scanned so I can post some of them. Whether this works or not, I will make some extra prints available on request.

I am going out on a limb (not my usual habitat) by declaring flatly that these are chemtrails, due to the striking regularity of their pattern. One example, I caught an aircraft making a trail (heading approximately north) that was parallel to and the same length as five trails already in that part of the sky, and all but one lined up like the vertical members of a split rail fence. (One was at a slightly wrong angle, but still did not intersect with any of the others.) Moreover, they stopped just short of another set of trails that ran east/west, so the truncation of the trails is hard to attribute to atmospheric conditions.

-- David L (, March 13, 2000


Planes are dropping chemicals to put out the forest and brush fires that have engulfed that part of the state. Chemicals used to smother fires are laid in very regular patterns. Because they must be dropped from a certain distance to disperse properly, they linger in the sky and look quite interesting for a brief period of time (a couple of hours). The fires were so bad the state had to close 30 miles of 75 in that region on Sunday.

-- They're fighting fires (, March 13, 2000.

Well fire fighting doesn't work 'cause we haven't had wild fire in Al. We have had chemtail many, many of them. When they start it can be a clear day and it turns cloudy.

-- ET (, March 13, 2000.


It's not only the Chemtrails in the sky. During our recent spell of warm weather, no doubt caused by the Chemtrails, I was out on the lake and noticed that the wakes from the boats (white boats I had never seen before) were laid out out in a grid pattern!

I saw several men holding what appeared to be cans of beer leaning over the side adding something to these wakes. Then I realized I was seeing Chem-Wakes!

Another possible reason for these Chem-wakes is the pattern signals the UN submarines that sneak in from the St. Lawrence Seaway. They align themselves with the Chem-Wake grids and release strange chemicals that go into the water that winds up in our pumping stations.

These submarines must have Freemasons as crew taking orders from the NWO masters. I found out more but I have to go now, my dog just came into the room and said I have a phone call.

-- Chief (, March 14, 2000.

LOL, I'll be sure to watch for those Chem-wakes, and mixed with beer really sounds scary. Are the Bilfderbergs in on this too?

-- gilda (, March 14, 2000.

I neglected to mention that not only did nothing appear to be dropping from the trails, but the trails were gradually expanding. I'd say that some of the trails had been in the sky for at least twelve hours. Also, if the trails were intended to combat fires, it would seem imprudent to expose to those chemicals, everyone in a several hundred square mile area.

-- David L (, March 14, 2000.

The retardant chemicals would appear to expand in the air as they fall. It's an optical illusion, along similar lines as the one in which objects in flight seem to move at a faster or slower rate relative to their size (i.e., a fly seems to move faster than a jet). Also, since the fires cover several hundreds of miles, the chemicals have to have wide paths.

-- They're fighting fires (, March 14, 2000.

The fire-fighting explanation given here is no more believable than the chem-trails theory.

-- Buddy (, March 14, 2000.

I told you they were real and they have told you time and time and time agian. The deceases speak in many ways and this is the the most visible spirit that they can present to us. There will be more and more. You just watch. When the end is near the sky will be covered with signs of their presense. They have spoken and their time has come.

-- I Believe (, March 14, 2000.

Gee, when ever I've seen planes dropping either water or a so called 'flame retardant' on fires, they usually do it right over the top of the fire for maximum effectiveness.

I guess the new method is to fly at thousands of feet, trailing thin white 'contrails' that expand and eventually make the sky appear overcast.

How effective.

-- ~***~ (~**~@earth.ebe), March 14, 2000.


The thin white clouds you see following passing jets are disturbed air vapor. Low, vaguely yellow clouds laid in a criss-cross pattern over a forest fire are fire retardent chemicals.

-- They're fighting fires (, March 14, 2000.

Wow ... the disturbing vapors seem to be from the mouth of eyesonthesky. Such a determined distraction!

I continue to wonder about the "chemtrail" phenomena, which persist around here (Portland area, Oregon), and routinely turn the pristine blue skies of morning into hazy mid-morning skies and then overcast.

Given the regularity of the weather-modification effect, it is hard to keep from wondering whether there isn't a weather-modification component in the design/intent behind all the spraying causing occlusion of the sun. Especially interesting in the coincidence of the chemtrials with the Solar Max period we are now in. Unfortunately, I've got no clue either way. : can only sit around playing with my toes ..... Connections to HAARP? Is it a chemical dispersant that can be triggered at certain frequencies of radio or EM radiation. Anyone else feel like someone's trying to "cocoon" your mind?


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upin.acellrelaytower), March 14, 2000.

The optical illusion you mention doesn't apply to what I observed. I began to notice the trails when they were just over the horizon, and continuously noted their position over the next hour while approaching them. Also, a trail not being a single solid object, by the time the end of a trail were sprayed, its first particles would have already been falling for at least a minute. If the trails were falling, it would have been apparent.

-- David L (, March 14, 2000.

I can corroborate your observations with my own, David -- on diffrunt "chemtrails" of course, observed here in Oregon. There is no discernable "precipitant", fallout or "by any other name" dropping earthward from the "chemtrails" I've seen over the last many months. Compared to real contrails, which are arrow straight, at extremely high altititides, and are "dragged along" behind a jet, so that they evaporate and vanish, these chemtrials look like smudged "fingerpainted" lines, with loose billowy, ribboned edges which are soon caught by "the winds" - yet somehow seem to stretch out laterally (in BOTH directions) along a horizontal plane, as if moved by something other than winds -- which as I say makes me wonder if the dispersal is triggered by EM signals or something. Who knows? Keep watching however. Also, let us know/repost if you notice any subtle psychological shifts in yourself after a "spray- day". I think that I have notices disruptions to my inner ear- equilibirium, and a decline in the capacity for coordinating critical thinking and turnign it into action. Which is PROBABLY why I'm on this board inthe first place!


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), March 14, 2000.

I wonder if a possible explanation for the chemtrails might be weather modification efforts, specifically rain-making. NOAA has experimented for years with silver nitrate cloud seeding to produce rain, mostly ineffectively although some limited success was had. Is it possible a *new* approach has been devised? All observers seem to agree that the sky becomes hazy, then overcast, following the chemtrails.....does rain follow within, oh, lets say a 24 hr period?

I'm not advocating this as THE final answer, at all. It just seems to me that science progresses. What would be the next logical step following cloud-seeding? Perhaps making clouds (via chemtrails) in geographic areas with normally high humidity such as the Pacific Northwest and Gulf Coast? I gotta admit, though, I'm puzzled by chemtrails in dry areas such as the desert southwest.

OTOH, perhaps it is a deep conspiracy to poison our froot-loops foisted on us by the Illuminati or some other shadowy government group. Could Alzheimer's be the visible result of chemtrails? Hhmm?

-- Craig (, March 14, 2000.

Maybe it's all cr^p.


-- Someone (, March 16, 2000.

I now have the prints from the roll of film I shot of the trails. Since a given print captures only a tiny sector of sky, the prints do not do justice to the sight I beheld (nor did I expect them to). However, they did come out clear, and show some of the characteristics I attempted to describe.

Since many of the shots were from the same perspective, I ended up with several complete sets of maybe 7 prints each. I would be happy to snail mail a set to anyone who so requests.

-- David L (, April 01, 2000.

You buncha stupid, no observant, blind eyed folks. If you took one whole day off, sat in your yard and really observed the high flying planes, you would realize. your once crystal clear morning sky, eventually turns overcast, once they have flown and spawned their vapor plumes, which do fan out. I have tried to rationale this. First off, it cannot be a U.S. plot. We are talking big money. It is not an international ploy. They don't have that much money, either. So, since all these weaves must cost mucho money, that no country can afford, maybe it is stupido by design. Somewhere along my internet travels, I met a human who said the jet fuel is comprised of some compulation which suggests cancer growth. The fuel also was cost economic, and made the plane go faster. (Never mind the hazards to humans). I did not make this up. And I Trust you to do your own research, and pass your findings to a fellow human.

-- MyStory (, January 07, 2001.

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