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I was at the store today, and while I was standing in line I noticed that one of the tabloids, Star I think, had a picture of Julianna Margulies, Noah Wyle, and Goran Visnjic on the cover. And the little headline said something about a cliffhanger episode that may include a suicide. and it also said something like, "Who dies, who lives, and who quits." So that is probably how Julianna Margulies/Carol is going to leave.

-- angel (, March 13, 2000


I've been thinking about it and reading in other posts that the best way to push Carol to quit is to have Carter comitt(probably attempt) suicide. Then she'd be freaked or something and quit. Have no idea how to get Luka in there.

-- Cai (, March 13, 2000.

Okay, I just found this magazine that everyone is talking about. First, I think it is pretty hysterical. I do not believe any of this, but the Carter plot does sound VERY exciting, but not likely. However, Carter cannot develop bipolar disorder just like that, I am a psych major and I know that a person cannot even be diagnosed as bipolar in that short of time, it is much more extended.

As for Kerry, I think they are just making fun of her dismissal of Doug during his exit, and I'm sure it won't actually happen.

Mark dealt with his mother's death and he will deal with his father's too. Every major character has dealt with a relative's death, and they do not quit over it.

So I guess pretty much almost every single old cast member will have a possibility of leaving, huh? Carter, Mark, Kerry, and Carol for sure. Wow. I just think it's great that the stories of ER are making the news (even if it is just a tabloid).

-- Elaine (, March 13, 2000.

elain, dont be surprised if carter does get diagnosed with bipolar disorder. it is a tv show, and its a drama. LOL anything can happen in tv land!

-- Alexis (, March 14, 2000.

I think that just because those pictures are on the front of the TABLOID (Remember it is a TABLOID)don't mean that the story will nescerally revolve around those characters. If I had to gues about what happens is that Mark's Dad dies (he's gonna die sometime soon with canaer and empysema) Carter probably lives from some stunt that he pulls (I would say drug over dose but that seems so out of character) and because we all know Julianna is leaving she'll proably be the one to quit (I mean after the way Kellie Martin left do you really think there gonna kill Another person off the show, especially a new mother, Kellie's leaving was tragic enough, but I'd go balistic if they did something like that to Carol). Another reason is that Noah Wyle is schuled for what, another three seasons and there have been NO rumors of him leaving what so ever.

So there's my two sence about this all. Amy

PS Again it is JUST a tabloid

-- Amy (, March 14, 2000.

Hi I'm back. Sorry about this but I came up with an Idea of a possible storyline about what the tabloids are saying. I've been reading on this site that Carol sees something which forces her to quit and that someone commits sucide and that it is a cliff hanger episode. Heres my Idea (Sorry I know it is a little off topic)

Anyway: Prior to this episode Carter is getting hooked on painkillers etc. Anyway Carter can no longer take the dredging up pain and guilt inside of him so he swallows a pile of pills. He is brought into the ER and everyone is panicking Etc. (or even yet he takes the pills in the ER then passes out and Kerry or Mark find him) Carol sees him and is remembering the time she tried to kill herself and this totally freaks her out and this is what drives her to quit (for the sake of her babies). Because this is a cliff hanger the last scene of this episode would be something like Carter's Heart stopping and Mark or someone up on his chestdoing CPR as Kerry or someome is getting the paddles and then they start to shoke him. Then it would fade to black keeping us wondering all summer if Carter had made it or if he had died.

There what do you think? I would like some feed back on this one. Iknow it is sort of soap operish, but it still sends shivers down my spne when I think about something like that.


-- Amy (, March 14, 2000.

Come on you guys, don't you think that Carol is strong enough now to handle the OD of a co-worker. It's not as if she and Carter are close. Besides, she basically drove that little school girl to taking a handful of pills and she handled that situation with complete professional detachment. I think she had a lot more of emotion wrapped up in that patient than she ever has in either Carter or Lucy.

I think something is going to happen with her and Luka and whether it drives her into Doug's arms or not - we'll just have to wait and see.

Has anyone considered that working 12 hour shifts and raising twin infants alone might just be too hard and she's leaving for an easier job??

-- Linda (, March 15, 2000.

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