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March 13, 2000 at 11:02:06 PST LAS VEGAS SUN

Computer hitch slows permit processing

A city of Las Vegas computer problem caused some delays in processing building and pool permits in Las Vegas last month, officials said.

The computer problems in the city's Development Services Center were unrelated to the well-publicized computer problems with the Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety and other agencies, a city spokesman said.

"The difficulties were linked to a communications interface to mainframe terminals, which affected computers during a 10-day period last month," city spokesman Erik Pappa said.

"The problems caused the Development Services Center computers to intermittently shut down until the problem was isolated and repaired."

One Las Vegas resident told the Sun that the company he hired to install his pool blamed its three-week delay for that project on computer problems in the permit process at City Hall.

City officials said the computer problems resulted in permits being delayed by no more than one day in most cases.

-- (, March 13, 2000

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