U.S. Launches Cybercrime Web Site

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Monday March 13 1:04 PM ET U.S. Launches Cybercrime Web Site WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Justice Department unveiled a Web site on Monday to pull together information on its growing battle against cybercrime.

The Web site, at http://www.cybercrime.gov, includes press releases, officials' speeches, testimony to Congress, legal texts and Justice Department reports among other things.

Also included is information on prosecuting electronic intruders, intellectual property piracy, searching and seizing computers, encryption, privacy and international aspects of cybercrime.

Since keeping cyberspace safe is of special interest to parents and children, the site also provides a link to the Internet ``Do's and Don't's'' section of the Justice Department's Kids' page.

The site is designed to provide information that can be useful ``from the classroom to the courtroom,'' Assistant Attorney General James Robinson of the Criminal Division said in a statement publicizing the new page.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), March 13, 2000

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